October 29, 2020

Top Ten Armies [8/2/2020]

Klondike, CPAWM Headquarters – This is the first official Top Ten of the CPAWM League, The Top Ten will be considerable different than those of current media websites as the base formula is that of the original CP Army Central. Other than that we see a decently impressive week for armies with one army in particular truly above all others.


1. Rebel Penguin Federation [97.00]

2. Army of Club Penguin [85.55]

3. Ice Warriors [85.00] 

4. Help Force [83.54]

5. Dark Warriors [76.60]

6. Doritos [74.00]

7. SWAT [70.60]

8. Superstars [65.73]

9. Lime Green Army [63.27]

10. Water Vikings [63.00] 


Close to Top Ten:

11.Red Ravegers [59.00] 

12. Silver Empire [58.21] 

13. Fighter Pilots [57.63] 

14. Recon Federation [57.00]

15. Hold Bugs Army [55.00]

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So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!

Important News:

So as its clear to see, the website is still being worked as well as the other pages/news. Top Tens will be worked on better in the future including better descriptions and a Small/Medium Post. This is essentially a first sneak peak and comparison at the old formula for Top Ten Armies, which many still believe to be superior because of the emphasis on Event quality and performance during those events (Tactics). Let someone in the administration know if you have any questions or suggestions! The League is still currently figuring out how to implement each army in upcoming Top Tens. be that as a confirming entry in or just all armies being counted regardless of their overall consent with the League.


CPAWM Board / Top Ten Maker