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The Blizzard, Chapter I: The Beginning!|CPAWL

CPAWL Office: CPMaster, Executive Producer, Original Story Creator Of The Club Penguin Army Warfare League.

This Story has used up a lot of my imagination so enjoy. The story shall begin now!

Chapter 1: The Beginning!

28th August 2020, Klondike, 11:30PM.

The galaxy sky was glowing into an Igloo which belonged to a mean rich penguin known as “Jester”. The glowing disturbed Jester while the winds were calm.. “Whoosh” The wind blew, Jester was trying to find out how to make a Blizzard but he never succeeded! “That damn wind is too loud! I’ll never get the invention done” Shouted Jester”I need the quietness not the wind whooshing!” The door knocked “Knock Knock” The door went! “Grrr! If that’s Maroon again, I’ll teach him to prank me!” Jester walked slowly upstairs whilst holding a frying pan in his hands.. He opened the door and found Sidie, His best friend! “Good evening, Jester” “Hello, Sidie.. I thought you were Maroon!” Sidie walked through the door and into the Living Room. “So what are you doing here, Sidie..?” “I have come to help you with the Invention” “Oh! Thank you so much, Sidie” Jester thanked Sidie and they walked into the basement. The invention was ginormous! It had shades of Black on the metal with two antennas on the top and a giant red button. “Wow, Jester. This looks amazing and i bet it could make a giant blizzard!” Sidie and Jester kept trying to make a giant blizzard but failed. “Oh this is impossible, Jester! We tried 30 times!” “I am not giving up!” shouted Jester “Unless.. Oh, Sidie! We forgot the Chemical E! How could we be so dumb!” Sidie grabbed the Chemical E and put it inside the Machine. Jester pressed the button and the machine started! Jester and Sidie fell back onto the basement’s floor and they both screamed. The Blizzard had begun as it destroyed the igloo and whooshed to the Town! The Penguins at the Town Screamed “Help!!!” “What’s going on?!” “Ahhhhh!” Jester and Sidie did not know what to do now, What will happen to the Town and will Jester and Sidie stop the Blizzard?! Find out in Chapter II of The Blizzard!


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