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The Blizzard Chapter II: The Penguins|CPAWL

CPAWL Office: CPMaster, Executive Producer, Original Story Creator Of The Club Penguin Army Warfare League.

Chapter 2: The Penguins

30th August  2020, Klondike, 1:15AM.

“This blizzard is too strong, Jester!” “We have to destroy it! It will destroy the Island if we don’t!!” Jester and Sidie are trying to destroy this Giant Blizzard known as “The Mega Blizzard!”They both have gear on them and they are finding the remaining penguins everywhere, The blizzard that they have created was too strong to disappear. “Sidie, You take the Mine and I’ll take the Cave!” “Okay, Jester!” Sidie ran as fast as she could into the Mine and Jester ran into the well and climbed down into the clutches of the Cave! Sidie and Jester had been searching for days and never suceeded  finding penguins, Where could the penguins be? Jester or Sidie had no idea where they could be. “Whoooosh!!” the blizzard blew! “Hmm.. I think I’m in the right place” and Jester put his hand into his bag and got a lantern out and it had an orange fire and lit straight away! “Who goes there!” said a voice “I came looking for Penguins!” “Hm, We are all here hiding under the ground from that nasty blizzard!” said the voice “Oh, well whats your name?” Jester asked. “CPMaster.” “Oh well, CPMaster my name is Jester and my friend Sidie is coming.” CPMaster stepped out of the shadow and shook hands with Jester. CPMaster looked like a Sun Troop but with ripped clothes and scars all over his face. “Well, every surviving penguin is in here, Jester” “Oh CPMaster, That’s great!” Sidie came running inside the cave and tried to catch her breathe. “Huh e huh e.. Oh god, Jester.. The blizzard came after me!” “Sidie and Jester, take a seat and I’ll get you some food, you look starving! Jester and Sidie sat down onto chairs next to a table which was made out of grey stones! CPMaster came out of the metal kitchen whilst holding a plate with Cereal,Toast,Beans,Fish,Tea and Juice and walked to Jester and Sidie and put the plate onto the table. “Enjoy, Jester and Sidie!” Jester and Sidie thanked CPMaster and ate. “Hello..” said a voice “Hello? Whos there” asked Sidie. “My name is Leo.” “Well, Leo. Where are you from?” asked Jester “I am from Klondike. What about you?” “Our names are Jester and Sidie and we are from Klondike aswell!” The walls smashed! The blizzard had come through the walls and destroyed the entire cave. Every penguin escaped and 30 of them got hurt, The Blizzard is too strong for 2 people but what about 100? What will happen next? Find out in The Blizzard Chapter 3!

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