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The Blizzard, Chapter III: Legendary Spirits

CPAWL Office: African Cupcake, The Blizzard Writer and CPMaster, Executive Producer, Original Story Creator Of The Club Penguin Army Warfare League.

1st September, Klondike, 3:11PM
The penguins had now found a mountain to use as a base, Jester had found that he had good in him and he turned the base into a village. The penguins loved Jester and Sidie and they were elected Presidents. “Have you thought about how we’re going to stop the Blizzard?” Sidie asked. “I am not very sure but i know the weakness.” Jester said “What is it, then?” Sidie asked “It was a part of Chemical E.. It is *sighs* Light” “Light??? How do you expect to get that?” Sidie shouted. “I am sure we have flashlights. But, We may need to get bright lights.” “Hmm…” Sidie mumbled walking around the room. “Jester!” said CPMaster “Yes, CPMaster?” Asked Jester. “So, We have found legendary spirits in different places. Are we going to ask them to help?” said CPMaster “We need to find them first.” said Jester “Jester, They are located at a volcano, a swamp, a cursed temple, the crescent moon and buried under the CP Times.” said CPMaster “Well, looks like we got some work to do. C’mon.” Jester said.

Jester opened his eyes and he saw 100 packed backpacks, 50 shining lights and 100 penguins ready to find.. THE LEGENDARY SPIRITS!”Jester! We are travelling to the Swamp of Frogs first!” said Sidie. Jester stood up and shouted “WE W\ILL FIND THE SPIRITS TO DESTROY THIS BLIZZARD! LET’S GO!!” There were cheers everywhere! “How far?” Jester asked. “Simply 30 minutes away!” Sidie said. They started walking. They watched the scenery of the destroyed Island and told jokes and had fun for once because The Blizzard had stopped them. “Looks like we’re here.” Sidie shouted. Some people were throwing up in the back from the revolting stench! It was disgusting. “Ew..” said everyone “Who goes there?” said a deep deep voice. “It is I, Myth.” said CPMaster “Oh.. You need my help?” said Myth “Yeah.. There’s this mega blizzard and we need to find all 5 spirits” said Jester. “Ugh.. Fine I’ll help” said Myth

Everybody was happy because they had one spirit, One down four to go! “Oh.. I have no idea how to travel to a volcano..” thought Jester “BOOOM!” a cannon shot! What will happen, Will everyone survive?! Find out in The Blizzard Chapter 3!

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