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Message To The Community: What You Can Do

Klondike, CP Army Warfare Media We need YOU! Yes, that’s right, you! An army league is nothing without staff, CEOs, armies supporting it and much more and this is why we’re reaching out to all of you. We want you all to play a part in making this league as successful as it can be for you and every army around you.

Since taking over as CEO, I have made many changes and brought many people in to help make the changes. A person can never do anything alone, we all need a supportive team and we have this at CPAWL. Together we have been able to bring some new members into the community, some familiar faces into CPAWL, support new and old armies and better ourselves as a league.

Some may argue, “Is this enough?”, and that’s a fair argument because we all have to do our best to make sure this community is safe and fair for all. Not only that but we should also be giving you updates on our progress and things within the community. Some of these things needs improvement for sure but how can we do that?

Well, with your support we will be able to make this a league you surely won’t forget and one where anyone can make a difference. It doesn’t matter what army you’re in or what opinions on armies you have, we’re welcoming all to make a difference.

Staff Applications

While many have applied for staff, not all have been accepted and some positions have seen more applications than others however we still need more people to help shape CPAWL. We will need Reporters, Judges, Editors, people on the Top Ten Committee, Associate Producers and more!

How to become a reporter:

Dm me or another member of the administration team with an application consisting of the following things.

The role you’re applying for: Reporter or Editor
Your experience (if you’ve reported before or are a writer etc):
An example of your work (Send a link of a report that you’ve written, if you haven’t written a report then either create one or send us a piece of writing that you have done)
Why you want to report for us:

The judge application process is fairly easy and pinned in the #judge-apply channel on our discord.

If you’re interested in a position on the Top Ten Committee DM TD999#6456.
Other positions are available, such as Associate Producer but you must apply through the administration.


While CPAWL may not be the “best” army league out there, we’re providing armies with equal opportunities and chances. As a league, we are doing our best to support everyone with no bias. While there have been many leagues in the past, all have had problems. I won’t lie by saying CPAWL hasn’t had any problems because it has but that’s what we’ve fixed and we want everyone to give this league a chance. We’re not asking armies to choose 1 league over the other, armies can be in as many leagues as they want, that’s their prerogative. 

We’re reaching out to all those who are yet to sign up to our league and we are asking you to give us the chance you gave to all the other leagues you have signed up for in the past. We know that a change can be hard and leagues have let many armies down in the past but we all want what’s best for ALL armies, not just a small minority.

To those armies in the league, remember to post your event results in our discord and also to make sure you have representatives within the league. If you have any suggestions or complaints make sure you contact us.


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