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Top Ten Armies [4/10/20-10/10/20]

KLONDIKE, CPAWM HQ – The second edition of CPAWL top tens, published ages after the first one, features mostly new faces among the leaderboard ranks. Let’s have a look at how well these armies have done for the last week!


1. Dark Champions [36.33]

2. Romans of Club Penguin [20.50]

3. Midnight Troops [20.00]

4. Elite Forces [15.00]

5. Moscow Federation  [14.50]


Dark Champions had 3 events including their opening/revival
event this week. They maxed 20 at their opening & 18 at a
training event after that. They had a practice battle with Tree Cult
right after in which they maxed 17. 


Romans had two events last week. They had a training event
in which they maxed 6 & also a Card Jitsu event maxing 7.


Midnight Troops had only one event which was their opening event.
They were able to pull off a max of 10 and got registered in CPAWL.


Elite Forces only had one event last week which was an unscheduled
rogue event after their shutdown. They were able to max 5. 


Just like MT, Moscow Federation had their opening event last week
aswell. They were able to pull of a max of 5.

What do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!

Chief Executive Officer



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