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Underground Mafias Army – Winter Revival?

UNKNOWN TERRIROTY, Underground Mafias Army Nation – In a surprising turn of events last night, Cobra of the Underground Mafias Army has announced a revival of the army to take place in winter. The historical army has seen many unsuccessful generation within the CPPS era of Club Penguin Armies, but could this time be something different? Continue reading to find out more!


The Underground Mafias Army were created on January 6th, 2007 by Pink Mafias, one of the original pioneers of Club Penguin Warfare. Ever since its creation, the army has set out to be different from the rest, causing controversy wherever they went and being faced with constant accusations. During their first reign of chaos, they would go on to challenge armies such as the Army of Club Penguin, before being faced with a rebellion from the Rebel Penguin Federation, but they would ensure they looked good doing it with consistent sizes almost matching that of the Army of Club Penguin.

The Underground Mafias Army in 2007, after winning a battle.

Although the Underground Mafias Army has had many generations in their time, and have had many notable leaders such as Pink Mafias, Jester, Bam117, Badboy, and a whole lot more – so clearly the army can be serious business. Let’s look over the previous generation of UMA, and find out just what went wrong.

The previous generation of the Underground Mafias Army was pioneered by Epic101 under the Club Penguin Private Server “Club Penguin Online” – and although it only lasted a short while, this generation saw some of the highest sizes that the army has ever seen – mostly thanks to Epic101’s red name and constant autotyping. The army saw consistent sizes of 50-60, and mostly sat at around 6th-9th on the Top Ten every week.

Underground Mafias Army claiming sizes of 68 under the leadership of 32op, Epic101, and Vxenty.

Apart from the consistent sizes, another huge part of the Underground Mafias Army’s CPO generation was it’s contribution to the unofficially dubbed “Corona War” – in which we saw the top eight armies every week consistently fight it out, in order to force treaty one another. The armies that contributed were Special Weapons & Tactics, Ice Warriors, Golds and Dark Warriors competing against the Doritos, Pirates, Light Troops and Underground Mafias Army. It was truly a war for the ages, and the war ended with Ice Warriors, Golds and SWAT surrendering all of their nation to prove a point.

Winter Revival

Late in the evening on November 17th, a new post appeared on the Underground Mafias Army website, seemingly hinting, or rather outright telling us about a future revival, entitled “Red Winter” – led by Cobra. Below, an excerpt of the post can be read:

What we plan to do is relive the times of 2007 but in the new era. This is the ultimate goal. Have a home for new UMA blood to be bred and thrive, and to be the best CPPS generation that UMA has faced. With the backing of Daniel and Bam, as well as our EHUMA brothers, we are on the road to succeeding such goal. But, I will not get my hopes up, but I will work hard. It has been 2 years since my prime, but I know damn well I can do it, you all saw it with the Templars incident about how I roll, so I know damn well we got this.

The full post can be found here. (Warning: Full post contains language not suited to younger audiences)

As we can see, the Underground Mafias Army this time has a motivated leader with Cobra, and the official backing of long-time veterans Daniel and Bam. Cobra is very confident with his ability, although stating it’s been two years since his “prime” – he has assured the community he will be working very hard to reach his goal.

Determined to find out more about the Underground Mafias Army revival – I immediately contacted Cobra for an interview. Below are the highlights of the conversation, that will give readers more of an insight to the situation.

Black: Sweater || Red: Cobra

Question: What inspired the revival of the Underground Mafias Army?

Answer: 2007 armies and the fact that UMA have not had a good CPPS generation.

Question: It’s no secret the Underground Mafias Army have had a fair few unsuccessful generations in the CPPS era, what makes you so sure things will be different this time?

Answer: We planned out everything we needed to be successful. A big issue with the previous ones were it was amateur set up. We set ourselves up like a major army with modern touches and have the EHUMA backing to make it great

Question: Do you have any overall goals for the Underground Mafias Army? If so, could you please highlight them?

Answer: Make the generation successful, relive the old with the new, and bring more UMA blood for years to come

Question: Thank you for your time, Cobra! Do you have anything else you would like to add for readers of Club Penguin Army Warfare Media?

Answer: Red Winter is here.


As you can see, Cobra is very optimistic regarding the Underground Mafia Army’s revival. Hopefully he & the rest of the leadership, whoever is going to return, can lead the army to great eights after all this time. It shows a certain kind of dedication to continue trying after being knocked down multiple times; but clearly Cobra has this. Good luck to him.


I wonder how the Underground Mafias Army will get on this generation. We can see Cobra is very dedicated from the interview, as well as from the revival post on the UMA’s website. Whilst the UMA have had so many unsuccessful generations, maybe that will be the fuel they need to finally, finally give it a good go? Only time will tell, but I know that the leadership will be very dedicated, and I sure hope they won’t give up easy.


What do YOU think? Will the UMA fall short once again? Do you think Cobra, alongside the backing of Daniel & Bam, can bring the UMA back to their former glory?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Vice President




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