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CParmies.net To Temporarily Close Next Year

Klondike, CP Army Warfare Media Headquarters- With the end of the year drawing closer, the end of Adobe Flash is looming over the community. CParmies.net is looking to temporarily close its doors next year until a solution is discovered.

The expiry of flash is drawing nearer as the last month of 2020 draws closer. Support for Adobe Flash is set to expire on the 31st of December which will have a huge impact not just on the army community, but also upon the CPPS community too. From doing some research, It came to light that it was reported back in 2017, regarding the expiry of flash in 2020. This is surprising considering many did not find out until 2019 at the very least. Regardless, this inevitability will be hovering over CParmies.net, with the developers set to be scrambling over plans.

CParmies.net has already released a short statement in regards to the situation on its website. Some of the key information can be seen below:

If you’re not aware, Adobe has planned to discontinue Flash following December 2020. This means that browsers such as Google Chrome will stop supporting Flash Player, and furthermore there will be no Flash Player to download and run Flash files. With the ending of Flash, CPArmies.net stands on an edgy ground. While CPArmies has plans to make a transition to HTML5, it’s far from over.

Our team has been working continuously to get things done as soon as we can. But as it is, every new thing takes time. From January 2021, CPArmies will temporarily suspend its services, however, our team will continue to explore available options to bring the game back.


This clearly illustrates that from January 2021 the game will be temporarily closing its doors, whilst plans are ongoing. They did suggest in the post that they had “plans to make a transition to HTML5” which is sure to give hope to many community members that there is a pathway going forwards. From experience with CPPS, HTML5 will likely be the main option considered and decided upon when it comes to a future decision. There are, however, different options that could potentially be underway. For example, a downloadable flash client that CPHQ uses. CPHQ has the following statement on their website:

Due to Adobe Flash ending on the 31st of December, our team has decided to put up a downloadable client that’ll always have the game working!


This ultimately includes options for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is fair to say that many different options could be acted upon and that I am sure are being discussed in depth. The final decisions that CParmies.net make are set to be unveiled very soon. Information should be released in the next few months, with CPAH’s discord illustrating that “A post containing more information and updates will be published by @Chief Executive Officer on CP Army Hub later this month, or earlier next month”.

As you can see, this post does not unveil the exact details of CParmies.net. However, it does outline the potential options on offer and hints as to what actions they will take going forward in the next few months. To conclude, the community should be reassured by this post that CParmies.net is not going anywhere, despite the expiry of flash. As CP Army Legend Koloway stated on CP Army Hub’s discord “This isn’t a goodbye. This is just a see you soon.” 

What do YOU think? Will this be the end of CParmies.net? Or will they utilize the rise of HTML5?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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