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Shadow Troops Return to The Community

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warefare Media Headquarters Shadow Troops return to the community once again but under the leadership of S Cargo. What made S Cargo revive the legendary army once again?

Shadow Troops was created on the 3rd of August in 2008 and were created by Commando993. Despite them being created early in the history of Club Penguin Armies, they started to become larger and create the legacy that it now holds. This legacy, of course, took time to cement as the army went through a lot of bad and good times.

Shadow troops died and were revived many times up until this generation. This new generation has only added to the number of times that it has been revived. However, despite it being revived again, this is not the first time we’ve seen it this year.

Shadow Troops was revived in April this year under the leadership of Pjayo, and Thomas83541. Despite this generation being short-lived, it was able to garner a lot of support from its troops. In April, armies’ sizes were starting to rise because of the lockdown that some were in. 2 weeks after its creation it merged with Warlords Of Cosmos to create the Golden Guardians, which are now Water Vikings.

Shadow Troops hosted their revival event on the 25th of November and they managed to get 20 troops online. This is an exciting start to their new generation. The army is now lead byS Cargo, Sammie D, Toxic Storm (Sauron), and Sweater.

Shadow Troops’ revival event

CP Army Warefare Media approached S Cargo for an interview.

What made you bring Shadow Troops back?

People kept bugging me about bringing st back.

  When did you start planning the revival?

Well I mean the opening event was yesterday but the concept has been around since October, I made the announcement back then and I was getting everything together back then. Like getting the website, discord, members together

Is there anything different about the community now?

The only thing different about the community now is that CPAH has become a bigger pile of trash than it was months ago, otherwise the community is lovely.

What plans do you have for the future of Shadow Troops?

I can’t say, it all depends on how well we do really. I try to aim for realistic goals so it’s dependent on how well we do in the future. But I will probably have us do a bunch of meme stuff, I can say that much

The army has been revived 3 times this year alone, what are your expectations for this new generation?

I don’t know, I expect them to live on I guess? I don’t think that far ahead chieftain.

Do you have any other comments to make?

lol @ cpah

Despite Cargo’s uncertainty on the future of Shadow Troops, we can certainly tell that they’re off to a great start and hope to keep rising. The army has been revived 3 times this year, what is in store for this generation?

What do YOU think? Will S Cargo lead Shadow Troops into a golden age or will they fall short? How long will the army last? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Warefare Media CEO

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