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Top Ten Armies [22/11/20-28/11/20]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warfare Media Headquarters – The ninth edition of CPAWL Top Tens is out! We see a lot of new faces & another army taking up the top spot again! Find out how well the armies have done for the last week!


[NEW!] 1. Army of Club Penguin [68.83]

2. Templars [43.00]

3. Skateboarders  [31.37]

[NEW!] 4. Shadow Troops [31.00]

5. Recon Federation [30.77]

6. Dark Champions [24.25]

[NEW!] 7. Brits of CP [21.00]

8. Fire Ninjas [20.23]

9. Most Wanted [16.00]

10. Water Troops [15.00]



Army of Club Penguin started their week very strong with an max 28 UK coffee event. ACP would continue strong with an AUSIA event maxing 36 and an US training maxing 31. For Wednesday, they held an elemental battle against the Wild Ninjas army, maxing 36. They also held an stamp collection event that week, maxing 32. ACP celebrated CSY’s AUSIA on Thursday with a max 39. They decided to finish with an AUSIA. UK, and US event on Saturday, maxing 30, 32, and 39 respectively.


Templars held 3 events this week. They started with a practice event maxing 20 penguins. Their second event was a practice battle vs Wild Ninjas and they maxed 26 penguins! Towards the end of the week they hosted another practice battle but this time with Island Invaders and their max increased, again, to an amazing 29+.


Skateboarders held a few events this week. First they held a defence of Mittens and maxed 18 penguins! They held an invasion later in the week maxing 7 penguins. They held a Canadian training event and maxed 6 penguins. Towards the end of the week they held a practice battle vs Ice Warriors but maxed 7.


Shadow Troops had only one event last week which was their opening event. They were able to pull off a max of 20 and was then registered in CPAWL.


RFCP had a busy week this week. Their first event was to celebrate thanksgiving and they managed to max 8 penguins. Their next event was another practice but their size dropped to 7. They held an ausia event for their third but only maxed 6 penguins. They took place in a cow costume themed event and managed to max 7 again. Their next practice saw an increase in size to 10 penguins. They also held a ‘Cow Fishing’ event towards the end of the week, maxing 7. They held 3 more events towards the end of the week maxing 7, 7 and 8 respectively.


Dark Champions held a total of 2 events this week, starting off with an Iron Man takeover in which 9 champions attended and ended their week with an AUSIA 8-way battle where they saw the sizes of 9.


The Brits of Club Penguin only held 1 event this week but managed to max 10 penguins.

Fire Ninjas

Fire Ninjas held 3 events this week. They started the week maxing 7 in an invasion of Island Invaders territory. Their 2nd event was a training with a max of 5. They ended the week with a practice battle with their max dropping to 4.

Most Wanted

Most Wanted held 1 event this week which was for Thanksgiving, however they maxed 5.

Water Troops

Water troops had 2 rogue events this week maxing ‘5’ and ‘7’ respectively

The Top Ten is finally here and sees many new arrivals to the table! What do YOU think about the new Top Ten? Did your army place high in the Top Ten? Let us know in the comments below!

CP Army Warefare League
Chief Executive Officer

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