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The Final Bout: TheMightyA Retires From Golden Troops

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Golden Troops’ HQ – In a surprising turn of events, leader TheMightyA retires from Golden Troops.

On the 20th of April, TheMightyA was permitted to revive Golden Troops. The army got off to a good start but had made enemies quite quickly as the One Direction Army declared war on them. This was their first war under Mighty’s leadership and provided him with a challenge to overcome.

Golden Troops were dominating the war and even during the war, CP Army Media chose them for the Army of The Week title. While this achievement was small, it meant much more to the month-old army. The war didn’t last too long but Mighty was proving he was the rightful leader of the army every step of the way.

Near the end of June Mighty was nominated for Small/Medium army legend in CP Army League but unfortunately wasn’t inducted as a legend. However, the nomination alone shows how much of an impact he made.

CP Army League’s legend induction votes

Golden Troops started to decline after TheMightyA disappeared in August. They went from maxing 20+ to 5-10 drastically and were declining rapidly. Despite their decline, Golden Troops managed to survive, and in September Mighty came back to the community and his army.

When Mighty came back into the community, he retained his role as Golden Troops leader, and with that, they had a glimmer of hope. The army had hopes that they would reach maxes of 20 once again. Since his return, however, not much has changed.

Recently, Wild Ninjas invaded the Golden Troops’ server Deshelio and failed to claim it. Golden Troops won the defence of their server with a max of 18 troops which saw a glimmer of the old army’s maxes.

Golden Troops defending their server again Wild Ninjas

On Sunday evening, TheMightyA announced his retirement along with his retirement event details. This would end Mighty’s reign as a Golden Troops leader and possibly in armies. They held a retirement event today (Monday the 30th of November) and were able to max 23 penguins. Shortly after the event, he made a retirement post bidding farewell to Golden Troops.

Golden Troops holding Mighty’s retirement event.

CP Army Warfare Media was able to get an interview with Mighty about his retirement from Golden Troops.

Why did you decide to step down from leadership & retire?

I mostly retired because I didn’t have much time for it anymore, I was getting tons of school work and I was crazy AFK, so if I couldn’t do what a leader had to do then i didn’t see a point in being one anymore

Do you believe you have achieved what you wanted during your leadership in GT?

At first my main goals were to max 30 and get major and get huge numbers and all that with lots of land, but I realized that GT is doing amazing the way it is, and I’ve build a amazing community, we like just maxed 23 today and I believe in the rest of GT to do amazing even without me. So yeah I think I did what i wanted to

Will GT be able to survive without you as their leader?

I definitely think so, I went afk back in september and sizes weren’t pretty but we still lived, and of course I’ll still be around as a advisor to help with events when I can

What were your favourite moments in GT?

Man there’s so many it’s hard to list, like when we first opened in april, when we destroyed ODA with 20+ sizes in our first war (sorry hannah), to even now when we broke our record with a max of 23, I’m really gonna miss this army lol

Do you ever plan to return to the Golden Troops or armies as a whole?

I doubt it, but stuff happens overtime so who knows maybe i’ll come back in the summer maybe not who knows :man_shrugging:

Anything else you would like to add?

P.S. Go stream Spicy ft Post Malone (i will riot if you don’t add this)

TheMightyA’s reign as Golden Troops leader has come to an end but he remains hopeful for the future of the army. Golden Troops were able to boost their sizes to 23 for Mighty’s retirement but can they sustain this?

What do YOU think? Do you think Golden Troops will fall without Mighty? Do you think they will rise and reach maxes of 23+ again? Let us know in the comments below!

CP Army Warfare Media

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