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Breaking News: Internal Conflicts Arise within Dark Warriors

Update 5th December, 11:40pm – Freezie66 has made yet another announcement on the Dark Warriors Server, citing plans for the army to stay open regardless of his opinion on the army community. Dark Warriors will be staying open. You can view the announcement here.

Update 5th December, 10:40 pm – Freezie66 has made an official announcement on the Dark Warriors Server, click here to view the announcement.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – Just mere moments ago, Dark Warriors Legend Freezie66 announced a shut down of the army on December 12th, – but the leadership of Noa and Spotty seems to be fighting against a shutdown. What drama is ensuing within the Dark Warriors following the situation? Read more to find out.

Note: This is a developing story, updates will be added as they come.

At around 9:50pm UK on the 5th of December, Dark Warriors legend Freezie66 – the man credited with bringing the Dark Warriors back – announced a permanent shut down of the Dark Warriors on December 12th. The closing of the army would be preceded by one final event, and this was all written in a post on the Dark Warriors website entitled “Mission Achieved,” – written by Freezie himself. The post was soon deleted, but a screenshot can be viewed below:


As we can see from the above post, Freezie talks about the Dark Warriors success and community; but then goes on to say that the army has been reclining recent. Recently, the army has suffered many losses including the loss of Second-in-Command Caramel, and Advisor Julia. Could these losses be due to internal conflict?

Mere minutes after we saw the legend Freezie66 announce the shut down, the post was removed, as well as the announcement. It is known that Noa, Dark Warriors current leader is responsible for deleting the post because after the post was deleted, Noa had this to say in the Dark Warriors general chat:


Even until right now, 10:33 pm UK, the main Dark Warriors chat is still filled with loads of questions from concerned troops and staff – who have seemingly been left in the dark on the whole situation. Concerned, I quickly reached out to Freezie66 for comment, and here is what I was told:


As we can see, the legend Freezie66 wants Dark Warriors completely shut down and feels as though this is his call considering his history, and earlier involvement with the resurrection of the Dark Warriors. As of right now, no one really knows what’s going to happen with Dark Warriors, but Club Penguin Army Warfare Media will keep you updated as updates happen.



What do YOU think about the Dark Warriors situation? Will Freezie66 shut them down? Will Noa and Spotty continue operations as normal? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments!


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