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Templars Declare War on Mangoes || Invasions Scheduled

UNKNOWN CAPITAL, Templars Empire – In the midst of all the free land invasions with Club Penguin Army Warfare League’s brand new map, the Templars have decided to step away from free land and attack their yellow counterpart: the Mangoes. What caused the Templars to so-suddenly declare war? What will the outcome be?

At 12:39 am UK, December 6th, the Templars scheduled an invasion on the Mangoes-controlled “Abominable,” and alongside the invasion, have released a Declaration of War statement on their website. The Templars also included war terms in the scheduling, your typical no allies, no transfers, no colonies, etc.

Templars Leader, Xing, scheduling an invasion of Abominable

On a website post entitled, “Sixth Great Holy War,” Xing goes into detail about the war. He goes into why the Templars declared war, and the war terms, which are just a repeat of above. Below is an excerpt of the Templars Declaration of War post:

Firstly, We want war. War is our lifeblood. Win or Lose. We want war.

Secondly, Ganger is annoying as [CENSORED]. It’s time we put a stake in SWAT’s coffin. Starting with their proxy armies.

Thirdly, it is time Templaria rises again to the stage as a major player in armies.

~ Templars Website, click here to view the full post [CPAWM WARNING: POST CONTAINS EXCPLICIT LANGAGE]

As we can see, the Templars have issue against Ganger90’s Special Weapons & Tactics, but they just plan to start with the Mangoes, who they claim are just a proxy army. The Mangoes are yet to put out a response; however have acknowledged the invasion. Whether or not we see a Templars or Mangoes victory is uncertain.

I was able to catch up with Xing for an interview!


Interviewer: Why did you declare war on Mangoes?

Xing: Felt like it.

Interviewer: What are the Templars goals during the war?

Xing: Eventually end Mangoes for who they are and see what we will do with SWAT

Interviewer: What plans do you have after the war?

Xing: Operation: White Sharia 2

Interviewer: Thank you, that’s all! Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Xing: [Xing’s final comment was deemed inappropriate]

As we can see from the interview, Xing is very clearly confident; maybe even too much so. His confidence in the Templar’s ability is admirable, but it may lead to the downfall depending on the Mangoes response.

Author’s Note

I think the Templars and Mangoes are both two very strong armies. I do however, think that the Templars are a little stronger and that little bit bigger to where they may just see victory within the war; assuming it lasts more than one battle. However, the Mangoes leadership is very strong with the likes of Kaliee, Panini and Silverburg. We’ll just need to see.


What do YOU think? Do you think the Templars will take it home? Will the Mangoes just narrowly edge-it-out? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments!


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