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Top Ten Armies [29/11/20-05/12/20]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warfare Media Headquarters – The tenth edition of CPAWL Top Tens is out! The first two ranks of the leaderboard remains the same but we see shuffling among the next ranks & some more new faces for this week’s top tens. Find out how well the armies have done for the last week!


♦ 1. Army of Club Penguin [77.06]

 2. Templars [47.00]

 3. Secret Service [42.81]

↑ 4. Dark Champions [36.75]

[NEW!] 5. Special Weapons & Tactics [36.16]

↓ 6. Recon Federation [32.71]

[NEW!] 7. Underground Mafias Army [27.50]

[NEW!] 8. Mango Corps [23.00]

9. Island Invaders [22.00]

↓ 10. Brits of CP [11.00]


  1. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a very eventful week, kicking things off with an AUSIA “Bring Your Own Puffle” Mod-Led event with a max size of 32! Afterwards, they had a UK Mountain Expedition with 36 troops in attendance. The Army of Club Penguin then had a US Practice Battle with the Templars, reaching 46. After, they moved on to cosplay as Light Troops in a “revival” event: maxing 46 again! Next, held a Mod-lead Stamp Event, reaching 38 & later on had a battle with Pizza Federation maxing out at 41. Then, they had an Aces of AUSIA battle vs. Secret Service; hitting 33 clovers. Then, to round out their week, the Clovers held a UK/US Invasion of Xat; peaking at 33.


2. Templars: The Templars kicked off their week with a practice battle with the Shadow Troops; reaching 30 before moving on to battle the Army of Club Penguin peaking at 24 Templars online. The Templars then proceeded to successfully invade Downhill, maxing 29 and then they invaded Retirement maxing 22. They then ended their week by invading another server, Lost, maxing 25.

3. Secret Service: The Secret Service started off with their Aces of AUSIA round 1 maxing 4; before moving on to a Christmas Chaos battle vs Help Force getting 9 people. Then, the Secret Service invaded Snow Avalanche, hitting 12 agents online. Afterwards, they held a CPR Mining event, reaching 10 penguins! Afterwards, they held a UK training maxing 8. Then the Secret Service had an AUSIA Hide & Seek event, peaking at 15; and afterwards the Aces of AUSIA round 2; battling Army of Club Penguin and maxing 11.They then rounded off their week with a CPR recruiting event that saw 7 agents attending.

4. Dark Champions: The Dark Champions started their week with an AUSIA training for their Aces of AUSIA; maxing 14. Afterwards, they invaded Marshmallow, peaking at 10 Champions. Then, they had a practice battle with the Ice Warriors that saw a total of 18 people in attendance. Finally, to end the week, the Dark Champions went up against the Dark Warriors in the Christmas Chaos, reaching 14 people!

5. Special Weapons & Tactics: The Special Weapons & Tactics Army had a smaller week this week, starting off with an AUSIA Training Event peaking at 17 agents. Then, the SWAT had another training two days later maxing 26. Afterwards, they held a staff & high command-lead event, reaching 27.

6. Recon Federation: The Recon Federation had a good week, reaching 6 at their invasion training; and then 4 at their AUSIA navy training. Afterwards, they held an EU Air Force training, reaching 4. Then, they invaded Blizzard on SuperCP hitting 14 penguins! Afterwards, they had “chill time” reaching 9 penguins. Following this, they then invaded Madagascar with 11 troops. And finally, to round off the week, they invaded Sleet on CPR with 11 people.

7. Underground Mafias Army: the Underground Mafias Army only held two events this week, the first of which being a “coffee cleansing” of Marshmallow: maxing out at 20 penguins. Afterwards, they patrolled the server of Marshmallow, hitting 22 penguins online!

8. Mango Corps: The Mango Corps held two events this week, the first being an invasion of Abominable reaching 16 mangoes online! After this, they invaded Flippers with 17 Mangoes!

9. Island Invaders: The Island Invaders held only one event this week; a practice battle with the Water Ninjas that saw 15 Invaders attending.

10. Brits of CP: The Brits of CP had two events this week! One training event with a max of 4, and another unscheduled with a max of 5.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!




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