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The Color Wars: Free For All Tournament

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warfare Media Headquarters – The year 2020 is coming to an end. Though seen as a bad year, in general, the Army Community as a whole was able to prove their might by producing incredibly high maxes. Despite the hardships, a lot of good memories have been made. Adding to these good memories, CPAWL Administration is announcing a Free For All Color Wars Tournament.

Free For All Color Wars

The Color Wars, also known as the First World War of Club Penguin, was a series of mini-conflicts between color clans. They came into the existence following the release of the first Sports Party in August 2006. The color wars would eventually end following the transformation into modern clans surrounding certain items such as Romans (Roman helmet), Nachos (sombrero), and others.

The armies were basically focused on colors such as red, blue, green, black, pink, orange, yellow, and brown. The armies were not organized and did not have websites or forum threads. Members of the armies logged in whenever time the user wants.

Red vs. Blue Color Wars 2006. (Look closely to see CPA Legend & Father Oogalthorp).

Tournament Details 

All armies are invited to participate in the Free For All Color Wars. The armies will be sorted into different color teams such as red, blue, green etc. Representatives of all armies in and out of the league will be contacted in 24-48 hours fill the open spots for participation. The CPAWL Administration will announce the date, timings & info soon.

The Army Representatives which are contacted by the CPAWL administration are requested to respond as soon as possible. We will also be releasing Predictions, Meet the Judges content & other special coverage. Let’s make this tournament as fun as possible & successful and end this year by making a lot of good memories!

CP Army Warefare Media
Chief Executive Officer

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