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Top Ten Armies [12/13/20-12/19/20]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warfare Media Headquarters – The twelfth edition of CPAWL Top Tens is out! We see some reshuffling among the ranks. Find out how well the armies have done for the last week!



♦ 1. Army of Club Penguin [65.37]

♦ 2. Special Weapons and Tactics [56.05]

 3. Templars [33.33]

4T. Secret Service [27.00]

↑ 4T. Recon Federation [27.00]

↑ 5. Underground Mafias Army [26.16]

↑ 6. Fire Warriors [22.75]

7. Mischief [15.00]

8. Water Troops [7.00]

>>>Click here for calculations<<<


1) Army of Club Penguin


Army of Club Penguin had a full week this week holding 8 events. Firstly, the Army of Club Penguin held an Ausia Practise Battle against Red Ravagers, maxing 31. Secondly, they held a “Holiday Tree Apocalypse” event maxing 48. Next, ACP held a Practise Battle against Silver Empire, maxing 40. For their next event of the week, they held a UK Games tournament event maxing a nice total of 38 troops. For their fifth event, ACP held a fun battle against Crimson Guardians maxing 31. After this, they held an Ausia Mod Lead event maxing a total of 42 troops. The Army of Club Penguin then held an Ausia training session for “Aces of Ausia”, maxing 31. Lastly, they held a US training session maxing 24.

2) Special Weapons and Tactics


SWAT had a fairly busy week this week holding five events, including their war battles. Firstly, they held a Division event maxing 33 troops. Secondly, SWAT maxed 25 in their AUSIA Invasion of Cozy. Next, SWAT maxed a great number of 38 troops in their Defence of Slushy. Additionally, they invaded Cozy maxing a total of 30 troops. Lastly, SWAT maxed 23 in their Defence of Snow Shoe.

3) Templars


Templars had a fairly active week holding a total of three events. Firstly, they successfully invaded Bastions vs Island Invaders maxing a total of 21 troops. Secondly, Templars successfully invaded Silver Crest maxing 19. Lastly, to wrap up their weekly events, Templars maxed 10 in their invasion of Patagonia.

4) Secret Service


Secret Service held their final event this week before shutting down. They held a Shutdown event maxing a total of 18 troops.

4) Recon Federation


Recon Federation had a busy week holding five events. To begin with, the Recon Federation held a “Celebration Party” event maxing 7. Secondly, Recon Federation maxed 5 in their “Ashley Greene Simping” event. Thirdly, they maxed 16 in their Invasion of the Antarctic. Next, they held a “Mass Patrol” event maxing a total of 5 troops. Lastly, Recon Federation held a Find Four tournament maxing 7.

5) Underground Mafias Army


Underground Mafias Army held three events this week. In their first event “Fun sled racing” Underground Mafias Army maxed 8 troops. Next, they held a US training event where they maxed 16. Lastly, the Underground Mafias Army held another US training session maxing a total of 11 troops.

6) Fire Warriors


Fire Warriors held two events this week. To begin with, they held an “AUSIA Christmas takeover” event maxing a total of 10 troops. Lastly, Fire Warriors maxed 13 in their Invasion of Gold Mine.

7) Mischief


Mischiefs only held one event this week maxing 5 in their successful invasion of Misty.

8) Water Troops



Water Troops held one event this week maxing 4 in their Mining Charity Event.

Where did YOUR army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer






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