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Top Ten Armies [12/20/20-12/27/20]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warfare Media Headquarters ─ The 13th edition of CPAWL’s top ten series is out! A lot of ranking changes occurred with this being the last top ten before the new year! Find out what happened HERE.

TOP TEN ARMIES<><><><><><><><><><>

♦ 1. Army of Club Penguin [71.75]

♦ 2. Templars [38.33]

3. Underground Mafias Army [27]

♦ 4. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [26]

5. Fire Warriors [21]

[NEW!] 6. Dark Champions [18.12]

To see the full statistics, click HERE.


Point Deductions:

  • N/A.


[KEY] Soon to come:

  • N/A.


1. Army of Club Penguin: Army of Club Penguin had a full week this week holding eight events. To start, they battled Help Force in the Aces of Ausia finals, maxing a staggering 77 troops. Secondly, they held an Ausia Reindeer Race event maxing 27. Next, Army of Club Penguin collaborated with Help Force in a UK “Santa Present Delivery” maxing 44. In their fourth event of the week, ACP held a UK/US “ACP vs The Grinch” event maxing a total of 41 troops. To continue their week, the Army of Club Penguin held an Ausia Home Alone event maxing 37. ACP then conducted a festive Elves vs Snow(wo)men battle between their US and UK division, maxing 34 troops. Additionally, they held a Christmas Ball and Battle with allies maxing 35. Lastly, to wrap up their festivities, ACP held an Ausia Games Tournament maxing a total of 35 troops.

ACP event picture.

2. Templars: Templars had three events this week. Firstly, they held a practise event maxing 21. Next, Templars held a second practise event maxing a total of 22 troops. Lastly, they held a battle with WV maxing 21.

Templars event picture.

3. Underground Mafias Army:
Underground Mafias Army held a total number of three events this week. To begin with, they held a EU Training event maxing 13. Secondly, Underground Mafias Army conducted a US Beanie Training session maxing a total of 12 troops. Lastly, to end their week, Underground Mafias Army held a US Christmas Takeover event maxing 14.

UMA event picture.

4. Recon Federation of Club Penguin: Recon Federation had a fairly busy week holding six events. To begin their week, they held a Christmas Tree Raid maxing 7 troops. Secondly, RFCP held a Cookie Baking Contest maxing 6. Then, they proceeded to conduct “Pictures with Prior Claus”, maxing 12 troops. Keeping up with the festive season, Recon Federation then held a Christmas Eve Dinner maxing 8 troops. Next, RFCP had a “Super Awesome Officer Battle”, maxing 9. To conclude their week, they held a “Christmas Caroling” event maxing 6 troops.


RFCP event picture.

5. Fire Warriors: Fire Warriors only held one event this week. Fire Warriors held a “Pizza Takeover” event maxing a total of 14 troops.

FW event picture.

6. Dark Champions: Dark Champions held a total of two events this week. Firstly, DC held an Ausia Training session maxing a total of 9. Lastly, Dark Champions held a Pizza Takeover maxing 5.

DC event picture.



What do YOU think about this week’s top ten? Was it good? What do you think next week? Will we see a change in the first place in the next year? Comment below with YOUR opinion!


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