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Colour Wars Summary and Results!

Klondike, CP Army Warfare League – Yesterday, the Colour Wars tournament took place but who won this? Yesterday, 5 battles took place with 10 armies taking place. Both the red and blue team won at least 1 battle but who took the most wins out of the two?

<<< Army of Club Penguin vs. Templars >>>

The first two battles took place at 7 pm GMT (27th of December) the first one was between the Army of Club Penguin and Templars. ACP came in to win, making sure their army was at the ready. However, Templars didn’t show up to this battle, giving ACP the win. The RED team won this battle.

<<< Crimson Guardians vs. Moscow Federation >>>

The 2nd battle was between Crimson Guardians and Moscow Federation and this battle took place for the full 30 minutes, unlike the ACP/Templars battle. During the battle, both armies were fighting for the win, however, Crimson Guardians came on on top in every room with their unique formations and execution of tactics. This gave the BLUE team the win.

<<< Golden Troops vs. Recon Federation of Club Penguin >>>

The 3rd battle was between Golden Troops and the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. This battle was a close one with both armies showing up and giving it their all. Their sizes were similar throughout the battle. Despite this, Golden Troops were able to cover RFCP in the first room and grab the win. For the 2nd and 3rd rooms, RFCP came back and combated the competitive Golden Troops. This, however, wasn’t enough to grab a win as the rooms were too close to call. This gave Golden Troops the win for the RED Team.

<<< Dark Champions vs. Mystery Army >>>

The 4th battle was between Dark Champions and the Mystery Army, which was revealed to be a couple of admins. Despite the Mystery Army claiming to have won, Dark Champions had the size while the Mystery Army did not. This gave the BLUE team the win.

Battle image from Dark Champions against the "mystery army".

Dark Champions vs the administration

<<< Water Vikings vs. Ice Warriors >>>

Finally, the last battle was the between Water Vikings and Ice Warriors. This was the battle to decide who would win the colour wars. Would it be the red team or would it be the blue team? With both sides having gained 2 wins already, all rested on the shoulders of these 2 armies. Throughout the battle, the warriors withheld a major size difference which was almost 3x as much as the Vikings size. While this gap started to close in the 3rd room, it was too little and too late as the Warriors maintained a big enough size difference to win them the entire battle with a clean sweep. This means that the BLUE team has wonthe colour wars!

I would like to congratulate the blue team which originally consisted of Templars, Ice Warriors, Crimson Guardians, RFCP and Dark Champions on their overall win.
I would also like to thank every army that took part in the colour wars because you have all contributed to the final tournament of Flash. Not only this but the most influential type of tournament in CP Army history (the colour wars).

With this, the end of the year is fast approaching and as it does I would like to wish you all the best of luck in the future and for the new year. While Flash may have been one thing that the community depended upon, we will move on and we shall carry the torch for those who come after us and then we will pass that torch onto them. For without the CP community, none of us would have had this experience, met great people nor made amazing memories that are quite as unique as this. For this experience, everyone should be grateful.

Did your team win the colour wars? Did the outcome match your predictions? Will you be staying in the community next year? Let us know in the comments below YOUR thoughts!

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