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Christmas Rewind

Klondike, CP Army Warfare Media – During the years we’ve seen many armies, many tournaments and many legends being made. In this Christmas Rewind, we will be looking back at past Christmas’ in CPA and picking out some of the events that took place.

The Club Penguin Army community has been through a lot with it surviving many years even past the original death of CP. Since the creation of armies, there have been many tournaments as well as many memorable moments. Let’s take a look back at some of armies’ memorable Christmas events in this Christmas Rewind!

Christmas Chaos 2013

The Christmas Chaos tournament is something that everyone looks forward to every year. In 2013 we saw 16 armies compete to win the trophy at the end of the tournament. Despite the number of armies, only 2 could secure a place in the final.

Although the 2 armies are most recently known for being apart of a powerhouse alliance (Black Ice Alliance), Rebel Penguin Federation and Dark Warriors were very different back then. With both armies hungry for the win, having secured their place, many accusations surrounding both armies occurred. This made this battle even more of a spectacle that everyone was wanting to watch.

The battle between the two was much closer than people would think nowadays as both armies had the capacity to garner a lot of support in battles from within the army. During the battle, Dark Warriors had their fair share of problems with the room changes. The Warriors’ problems were too much for them to handle while fighting RPF. Due to their problems, RPF was able to gain the upper hand and dominated most of the rooms. While the Dark Warriors maxed around 65+, RPF, on the other hand, was able to gather 80 troops. In the end, RPF won the battle and the trophy. War was wanted by the Dark Warriors shortly after the tournament. After getting RPF to annul the peace treaty between them, the 2 armies went to war once again.

The anticipation of the battle as well as the outcome (including the war afterwards) made this Christmas event one to remember. This takes the first spot in our Christmas Rewind list.

Christmas Chaos 2013 trophy

DCP vs UMA (2010 onwards)

In late 2010 there was a lot of drama between the 2 armies yet the war involved many other armies besides Doritos and Underground Mafias Army. The war was small yet very long at first with the armies invading/defending land as per usual. However, suddenly it got more complex in December as the Doritos declared that they’d invade Roman Fire Warriors. This led to an alliance being created between UMA, RFW and Watex Warriors. This didn’t phase DCP as they threatened to bring their own allies to the war, claiming to have 23 allies to help them. An army that played apart as an ally of DCP was the Army Republic.

The war continued from 2010 into 2011. Many battles took place between the 2 main armies (DCP and Uma). The war actually started in July despite it only getting bigger in December. This war went on for a long time (start-finish). This Christmas Rewind will be remembered for its impact within the community. DCP created the Orange Alliance in January as many other armies started to join the war for both sides.

The Orange Alliance vs UMA and Nachos in January 2011

The Decade’s End Tournament (2009)

Tournaments battles were different in the early in the years of CPA. Club Penguin Army Central was a media source at the time and The Decade’s End Tournament was their first major tournament. During 2009 there was many events and wars with ACP’s war with Nachos being the main part of this tournament.

The tournament was an invite-only tournament. This meant that only 8 armies were able to participate in the tournament. However, it was the finals of the tournament that made this memorable. The final 3 armies in this tournament were the Ice Warriors, Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin. These armies were all major armies and this was going to be a close battle.

CPAC’s map showing which rooms each army would start in

As stated by CPAC, the Ice Warriors started in the Town/Docks, ACP were in the Snowforts, Ice Rink and Plaza and Nachos were in the Forest/Cove. The aim was to conquer the other armies, claiming the most rooms as well as defending their own rooms.

In the battle, ACP had 3 divisions which they had to split into due to the overpowering numbers they gathered. Due to their overpowering numbers, they were able to max out the plaza and the forts. This allowed them to focus on getting numbers into the Rink but, to no surprise, Nachos started to charge. While Nachos were trying to max out the Rink, ACP moved from the Plaza to take hold of the Forest.

Within the first hour of the battle, the Warriors were quiet and there was little action from them while they were gathering troops and maxing out the Town. Despite ACP filling the Forts and Forest they went for a full sweep of Nacho territory, showing their full potential, claiming the cove and the Plaza (once again).

Despite little action from them within the battle, the Ice Warriors charged into the Plaza to overthrow ACP. This, however, led to the Warriors’ demise as ACP secured the Plaza while maintaining their other rooms AND claiming/maxing out the town. To conclude, ACP dominated the tournament winning nearly every room and chasing Nachos and IW away. ACP was able to get 150 troops online in the tournament battle while the Warriors and Nachos were nowhere near.

The battle was long and hard-fought but all armies showed up and gave it their all. The battle is surely one to remember throughout CP Armies. As many tournaments do, this enraged the armies involved, mainly Nachos. This led them to gather major armies to take down ACP. The impact of this tournament was massive and the story is one to remember. (Click here to read the full story). This Christmas Rewind will be one to remember for both ACP and the community.

Legend Inductions

Legends are inducted into the list of CP Army legends every year. While the amount varies from year-to-year, the inductions are one of the most anticipated events in CP Armies. While every year has surprising inductions, each and every nomination/induction holds a place within CP Armies. There is just one year that we can pick out but we can run down some of the most legendary inductions.

Two recently debated pillars of the community are Icy Fresh 2 and Oagalthorp. The first armies in history are believed to be created by Icy and Oagal (separately). Icy Fresh claims his ‘Club Penguin Army‘ was created in 2005, with the oldest documentation of it being in July 2006. Oagalthorp created the ‘Army of Club Penguin’ in September 2006. These two legends paved the way for the community and it wouldn’t be the same without their contributions.

The oldest and most active vet to date, Iceyfeet1234, became a legend in 2008. Iceyfeet earned his title as a legend for creating Ice Warriors (the first ‘Warrior’ army) and leading it to great heights. Icey is still leading the Ice Warriors and continues to prove that he is a legend in many ways.

122344a‘s legacy was, again, from an army he created called the Army Republic in 2007. Until 2011, 122344a wasn’t recognised, officially, as a legend. However, their contributions proved them to be one when he received the title. AR, in 2011, was thriving as it was breaking its own records and rising to new heights. Despite past troubles, AR was able to overcome them with their creator at the helm. 122344a never gave up on his army and despite retiring many times, he’d come back to help the army rise up once again.

Most people within the community await the release of the legends inductions yearly. This makes the nominations during the festive period one for the history books.

AR vs Nachos in a practice battle a year after 122344a was inducted as a legend.

The SWAT Saga Wars

Most recently was the SWAT Saga Wars. The war started with Special Weapons And Tactics declaring war on Pizza Federation. This war commenced on the 16th of December 2020, however, it finished on the 23rd with them fighting six battles. After the final battle, the two armies made a holiday ceasefire, temporarily stopping the war. While there were only six battles, the score was even 3-3. Pizza Federation started to take hold of the war during the start. SWAT, however, started to fight back and proved this towards the end of the war.

During the holiday ceasefire, ACP declared war on SWAT for a variety of reasons which regarded SWAT slandering ACP’s name. Not only this but tension between both armies built up throughout the year with many battles taking place with the passing of insults. Despite both armies being able to achieve high sizes regularly, ACP dominated the war and was able to win every battle without SWAT coming close. The war showed some shocking results as SWAT failed to show up for a couple of invasions towards the end of the war.

With the end of the year coming fast, ACP took the win and made a treaty with SWAT, ending the war. Not only did ACP put an end to their war but also their allies, PZF’s war with SWAT. While this saga was dramatic, it’ll be a war for ACP to add to their history books.

ACP in their last battle vs SWAT in which SWAT didn’t show.

While this isn’t an extended list, this Christmas Rewind is full of impactful moments that occurred during the festive period. 2021 will also pave the way for many more legends and memorable moments. While we don’t know how long CP Armies will last, we can say that we should enjoy the moment and make every second count. Though the start of 2021 may not have been great, let’s make it great!

Did you enjoy this Christmas Rewind? Would you like to see more of these? Tell us what YOU think in the comments below!

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