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Staying Safe Online

Klondike, CP Army Warfare Media – Staying safe online is very important and it is vital that you know how to do so. Not only is your safety important but also those around you in the community too. It is important that you read how to keep your private information and details secure whilst in an online environment.

There are many tips and guides that you can find online that discuss different stages of safety online. The BBC suggest 8 important tips that you should follow online in order to secure your private information and to improve your mental health. Firstly, in regards to online friendships, be mindful about others that you don’t know very well. Make sure that you think carefully how you word discussions, especially if you haven’t spoken to this individual for a long period of time. This links with the second tip which is being respectful, it is imperative that you think before you act. Next, make sure that you are aware of your “digital footprint”. This relates to showing others where you are and what you are doing through videos and pictures. Try to “remember that once an image or file is online it’s likely to stay there forever”, and therefore you need to again think before you act.

Another important tip included relates to protecting your own personal identity online. When online, do NOT share personal information such as your school, phone number, full name, etc. Be careful about what images you post and who could potentially get hold of this information. Especially on social media, make sure that you check your privacy settings so that only people you trust can see your posts. This last tip is actually important for your mental health. Make sure that you have the right balance between real life and digital life. Set a schedule of how much time you’ll spend on games, devices, etc, and make sure to spend a good amount of time outside doing other things too. You can find more information on these tips here.

Southmoor Academy Staying Safe Online - Southmoor Academy

The Army of Club Penguin has also provided a great resource in regard to safety in the digital world which can be found here. I highly recommend that you read this guide as it discusses in much depth about passwords and personal information, Dos and DDos attacks, Dox attacks, and other resource online which guide you further. But ultimately, make sure that you never click anything that you are unsure of and to ask a guardian or parent on their opinion on the matter. Never give away any private information and make sure that you create unique passwords that keep your accounts more secure.

There are many other guides that are useful to read that can be found below:

Online safety tips – https://www.connectsafely.org/safetytips/
Teen internet safety tips – https://teens.webmd.com/features/teen-internet-safety-tips#1

Stay Safe Online – https://staysafeonline.org/stay-safe-online/ 

In regards to our league, if you ever have any concerns on yours or other’s safety, do not hesitate to inform an administrator as soon as possible and we will deal with the matter. Your safety matters to us dearly, and we hope that you stay safe in the digital world. Stay safe penguins!

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