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What Goals Does YOUR Army Plan To Reach By December?

Klondike, CP Army Warfare Media – The new year is now in full swing as we approach February. The transition period from Flash to HTML5 and other web technologies is all but completed for most armies. With a new year comes new opportunities and challenges. For all of us at CP Army Warfare Media too, it brings new challenges and experiences.

A new year also starts with armies bringing about changes in how they work and also their structure. It opens the horizon for new goals to be accomplished and hardships to be overcome. What goals does YOUR army aim to reach by the end of this year? It’s time to find out!

CSY, Army of Club Penguin Leader

2020 was an amazing year for us in terms of solidifying ACP’s place both internally as a community as well as our place within the larger CPA context. For 2021, hopefully we can keep the momentum going, as the team continues challenging the limits of what we’re capable of, innovating tactics and making our community a better place for everyone

Xing, Templars of Club Penguin Leader

[Xing’s comment was deemed inappropriate]

Ganger90SWAT, SWAT of Club Penguin Leader

Right now we’re just focusing on the transition to CPR and getting to solid sizes of 35-40. Once we’re there, then we can work towards our bigger goals

Barnito, Help Force Leader

There’s new generations and new environments. With the many changes that were implemented, we’re trying out new things beyond Club Penguin. The community is loving it and we always want the community to enjoy. There’s no fixed goals right now because I feel the goal of every army in this HTML5 era is to strive for sustainability and nothing more

Kehato, Pizza Federation Leader

For PZF, I think recruiting is going to be our main focus for a bit. We want to expand our army as much as we can, and recruiting is a big factor. Recruiting would also help another area we want to focus on which is our maxes. I want PZF to achieve max 20’s even in simple events. But most of all, ensuring that everyone feels safe and included on our server is a must :cute:

AustinFraud, Elites Leader

One of the main goals at the moment is to cope with HTML CPPS’ and maintaining the growth of my army with immense recruiting. The areas I want to improve is on training my high commanders, so that they’ll be great leaders/legends in the future and growing the best AUSIA division the army community has ever seen

Coolj, Recon Federation of CP Leader

RFCP’s goals are to improve maxes and have more entertaining events for our soldiers. We also want to improve our tactics and and overall just have more fun playing the game

It seems most armies are looking to make a strong return to Club Penguin Rewritten as well as improving their maxes. Despite this, they don’t have plans to remove other online games from the equation. It will take some time to adapt to the new HTML5 technology as well as changes in the army community, but as long as armies stick to the basics, everything else will fall into place.

While the start to the new year may not be according to plan, surely not all is lost, there is still hope and belief, and that will help us in moving forward in the army community, and we will overcome this challenge united.

How does YOUR army plan to get back to Club Penguin events? What goals does your army have? Let us know in the comments below!

CP Army Warfare Media

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