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Name: The name you best go by. This can be your Club Penguin or Discord name.

WordPress email: If you want to become staff here, you will most likely need access to the site. If you don’t have one, make sure to make one.

Past experience: Write about any experience you have writing/reporting, in real life, or in Club Penguin Armies. Writing about media positions you have held will help.

Post: Write a post, approximately 400 words, about a recent event in Club Penguin Armies, such as a battle or other event (like a leader retiring or a declaration of war). Try to include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. If you feel like pictures could be added to your post, add links to them (be sure to include captions!). Of course, use your best spelling and grammar.

How active can you be?: We want to know the amount of time you’re willing to put into our league, reporters will need to be active and creative.

Do you have any suggestions?: We’d love to hear from you about improvements that could be made. By suggesting something, we can see you’re paying attention to the league and know its faults and strengths.



Post once a week: Your primary responsibility will be to write a report about either a battle or army event at least once a week.

Stay active and work hard: In the long run, you’ll be expected to simply stay active on the site. As you continue work hard, we’ll open up more opportunities for you.

Work on this site: As a reporter, you’ll get the chance to be a part of the most advanced organization in Club Penguin Armies. You’ll get to be a part of a staff that has a reputation for upholding quality.

Chance to work way up: Although we’ll start you as a reporter, if you work hard and stay active, you’ll have a chance to work your way up to higher positions such as Associate Producer, Editor in Chief, Vice President, Executive Producer and Chief Executive Officer. Of course, these positions come with an even higher position and more power in Club Penguin Armies.