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The Blizzard Finale: The War


CPAWL Office: African Cupcake, The Blizzard Writer and Phantom, Executive Producer, Original Story Creator Of The Club Penguin Army Warfare League.

“My lord, War on the peaceful penguins?” asked a voice “Exactly! They are the reason we do not rule anymore, said the lord. “My lord, W-we don’t have to rule..” quivvered the voice.“Oh, Demon.. Are you dumb?!” said the lord! “I dont think why though…” said Demon “Idiot!” said the lord “Demon! We are the true rulers of the world!! Their god invaded our planet and we are stuck in this damn underworld!” shouted the lord!!!! Demon ran away because when the lord shouted it set off.. The Lighti (Lighti are corpses controlled by the Devil Lord, Lukey! )(Also known as the 5th Spirit) The Devil Lord was betrayed by the last summoner, If the 5th is summoned the universe will be destroyed once more! The Devil Lord was last summoned 2.4 million years ago. “I summon thy 5th spirit!” said the Summoner, After he had summoned it, The spirit was betrayed in the most evil way. The universe was collapsing! The Summoner had died by the spirit.. “That idiot..” Lukey imagined the summoner, Lukey had wanted to find the next summoner.. “Wake up, Jester!” shrieked Sidie!!!! Jester unlocked the door “What, Sidie?!” “Look!!! The Blizzard has evolved!” screamed Sidie! A loud deep voice shouted “Your time is up, penguins! I have come to destroy you once and for all! Give me the summoner and nobody gets hurt!” “What is that?!” shouted Jester. “I have no idea.. Maybe the 4 spirits may know..?” said Sidie “Four?! You found more?” said Jester. “Yes, They may know who that is!” shouted Sidie “Come on, Jester!!” Jester ran after Sidie up the mountain and found.. Dino,Myth,Possum and another spirit talking. “Spirits! What was that noise?!” said Jester! “It is the 5th Spirit, Lukey the Demon Lord!” said all the spirits “Wait.. I thought you were all hidden..” asked Jester. “Yes, We were until last night. All of us had changed hiding places and returned to the Summoner!” said Possum “I expect you do not know me! I am Emma, Spirit of Time!” said Emma. Emma shook hands with Jester and Sidie, Jester looked amazed but scared by that voice.. Jester shaked and entered his mind, He saw the Furious Demon Lord who looked like a scary demon with a skeleton arm, Two Giant Horns and a Black Long Cape. “Where is the summoner? Answer me, CPMaster!!” “I-I d-don’t k-know, s-sir..” said CPMaster terrified “Tell me now or die!” shouted Lukey` “I said i don’t know, sir.” “This is your last warning, Where is the summoner?!!” shouted Lukey “I dont know!!” shrieked CPMaster.. “That was your last warning, You shall now die, CPMaster!” “No!” shouted CPMaster! “Penguinarea Deathari!” shouted Lukey. A orange light hit CPMaster and he possibly died..  Jester woke up and shouted “NOOO!” “Whats wrong?” shouted Sidie and the spirits, “Lukey killed CPMaster and he was trying to find this ‘Summoner’!” said Jester “He couldn’t have..” said Emma.. “What?” said Sidie “CPMaster was a descendant of the Summoner who betrayed Lukey.. The long lost brother of the new summoner!” said Emma! “Who is the summoner now?” asked Jester “Sidie is..” said Possum and Dino! “I am..?” asked Sidie “Yes, CPMaster was your long lost brother before he died…” said the spirits. The deep voice shouted again and the sky was covered with the clouds and lightning struck! “Your time is now over! I gave you a warning, The summoner will die with the universe once more! I am destroying your universe again!” The lightning struck onto The Town,Plaza and Lighthouse and they caught fire! A giant portal opened in the sky and millions of demons came out to destroy the remaining penguins, Sidie shouted “Emma, Grab the penguins for war and give them armour and weapons!” “Okay, Sidie!” said Emma, Emma flew to the cave. The penguins ran to the Demons and killed some and some penguins died, Finally the Demon Lord came out the portal and searched for Sidie. “Summoner, Where are you?!” shouted Lukey very loud. “Don’t Sidie..” said Jester “I am here, Lukey!” shouted Sidie! “Ahh, Good.” said Lukey and flew down to Sidie. “Kill me then.. I will destroy you then!” shouted Sidie, “I shall!” shouted Lukey. Lukey got close enough to Sidie and shouted “Penguinarea Deathari!” The orange light hit Sidie and she collapsed.. The demons killed a lot of the penguins battling, It looked like the Demons had won. “Spirits, Help me here.” said Jester “Summon us then.” said the spirits. “I summon thy spirits, Unite and help me in thy battle vs thy 5th spirit!” shouted Jester!! The spirits had transformed into a giant Phoenix merged into a Dog. The demon lord did not care and tried to use Penguinarea Deathari but failed.. “How is this possible, I am the strongest spirit..” said Lukey. “You are not strong when we are united!” said the spirits “Heh, Spiritareane Destroyatri!” shouted Lukey.. Dino had disappeared into dust. “Spiritareane Destroyatri Maxima!” shouted Lukey, Possum,Emma and Myth disappeardd into flames. “You are alone, penguin!” “Never!” Jester got hold of Lukey’s staff and shouted. “Spiritareane Destroyatri Maxima!” “NOO!” shouted Lukey.. It had turned out Lukey made the blizzard undestructable.. Lukey had disappeared into the blizzard, The sky cleared and the demons vanished.. The Blizzard got very weak, Jester used a flashlight and then the Blizzard disappeared. The penguins came back to life, Sidie appeared again, The spirits came back. Any sign of the blizzard’s destruction was gone, The Town,Cove and Lighthouse was not destroyed anymore. Lukey appeared but not as a demon.. “You fool..” said Lukey, Lukey took the staff and tried to use “Penguinarea Deathari” but failed.. Lukey vanished back into the underworld’s kingdom and never returned. “Well.. What will happen now?” said Jester.. “I’m not very sure, Jester.. We should check on CPMaster though..” said Sidie “Good idea!” said Jester, They ran and ran to CPMaster’s room but.. He did not come back to life like Sidie. “N-No!” shouted Sidie, “What’s wrong?” said a voice like CPMaster’s.. Sidie turned around and found CPMaster! “How?” asked Sidie and Jester, “Spirits cannot hurt me, you see.. I only pretended to die so i could help the penguins.” said CPMaster. “That’s amazing, You are immortal to the spirits!” said Jester! “Goodbye, CPMaster,Jester and Sidie. We must return to our homes, Summon us if you ever need help.” said the spirits “Goodbye!” said Sidie,CPMaster and Jester. The Legendary Spirits vanished and returned to their homes, They did not know what happened to Lukey, The Ex-Demon Lord.. “Those idiots..” said Lukey “My lord?” said Demon. “Demon, We have to find a way now, Ruling is our rightful throne!” said Lukey.  “Yes, My lord. I shall hunt more corpses to be Lighti!” said Demon. “Good.. We will rule again and Invade!” cackled Lukey “Well, i guess we will have a great life now! What could go wrong?!” cheered Jester! “MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAH!!!” cackled Lukey “Yeah! I know, Jester!” cheered Sidie. 2 Months Later.. “It is time, My lord!” said Demon “Good, I shall rule again!” cackled Lukey. Lukey held his new staff high and shouted “Universio, Ruleio, Destroyari!” and naturual disasters struck the island once more. “MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” cackled Lukey creepily. Thank you for reading the finale, The end is a new book! Love, Phantom, Writer of Blizzard and AfricanCupcake. The new book will be announced soon, Thanks for reading!

The Blizzard, Chapter III: Legendary Spirits

CPAWL Office: African Cupcake, The Blizzard Writer and CPMaster, Executive Producer, Original Story Creator Of The Club Penguin Army Warfare League.

1st September, Klondike, 3:11PM
The penguins had now found a mountain to use as a base, Jester had found that he had good in him and he turned the base into a village. The penguins loved Jester and Sidie and they were elected Presidents. “Have you thought about how we’re going to stop the Blizzard?” Sidie asked. “I am not very sure but i know the weakness.” Jester said “What is it, then?” Sidie asked “It was a part of Chemical E.. It is *sighs* Light” “Light??? How do you expect to get that?” Sidie shouted. “I am sure we have flashlights. But, We may need to get bright lights.” “Hmm…” Sidie mumbled walking around the room. “Jester!” said CPMaster “Yes, CPMaster?” Asked Jester. “So, We have found legendary spirits in different places. Are we going to ask them to help?” said CPMaster “We need to find them first.” said Jester “Jester, They are located at a volcano, a swamp, a cursed temple, the crescent moon and buried under the CP Times.” said CPMaster “Well, looks like we got some work to do. C’mon.” Jester said.

Jester opened his eyes and he saw 100 packed backpacks, 50 shining lights and 100 penguins ready to find.. THE LEGENDARY SPIRITS!”Jester! We are travelling to the Swamp of Frogs first!” said Sidie. Jester stood up and shouted “WE W\ILL FIND THE SPIRITS TO DESTROY THIS BLIZZARD! LET’S GO!!” There were cheers everywhere! “How far?” Jester asked. “Simply 30 minutes away!” Sidie said. They started walking. They watched the scenery of the destroyed Island and told jokes and had fun for once because The Blizzard had stopped them. “Looks like we’re here.” Sidie shouted. Some people were throwing up in the back from the revolting stench! It was disgusting. “Ew..” said everyone “Who goes there?” said a deep deep voice. “It is I, Myth.” said CPMaster “Oh.. You need my help?” said Myth “Yeah.. There’s this mega blizzard and we need to find all 5 spirits” said Jester. “Ugh.. Fine I’ll help” said Myth

Everybody was happy because they had one spirit, One down four to go! “Oh.. I have no idea how to travel to a volcano..” thought Jester “BOOOM!” a cannon shot! What will happen, Will everyone survive?! Find out in The Blizzard Chapter 3!

The Blizzard Chapter II: The Penguins|CPAWL

CPAWL Office: CPMaster, Executive Producer, Original Story Creator Of The Club Penguin Army Warfare League.

Chapter 2: The Penguins

30th August  2020, Klondike, 1:15AM.

“This blizzard is too strong, Jester!” “We have to destroy it! It will destroy the Island if we don’t!!” Jester and Sidie are trying to destroy this Giant Blizzard known as “The Mega Blizzard!”They both have gear on them and they are finding the remaining penguins everywhere, The blizzard that they have created was too strong to disappear. “Sidie, You take the Mine and I’ll take the Cave!” “Okay, Jester!” Sidie ran as fast as she could into the Mine and Jester ran into the well and climbed down into the clutches of the Cave! Sidie and Jester had been searching for days and never suceeded  finding penguins, Where could the penguins be? Jester or Sidie had no idea where they could be. “Whoooosh!!” the blizzard blew! “Hmm.. I think I’m in the right place” and Jester put his hand into his bag and got a lantern out and it had an orange fire and lit straight away! “Who goes there!” said a voice “I came looking for Penguins!” “Hm, We are all here hiding under the ground from that nasty blizzard!” said the voice “Oh, well whats your name?” Jester asked. “CPMaster.” “Oh well, CPMaster my name is Jester and my friend Sidie is coming.” CPMaster stepped out of the shadow and shook hands with Jester. CPMaster looked like a Sun Troop but with ripped clothes and scars all over his face. “Well, every surviving penguin is in here, Jester” “Oh CPMaster, That’s great!” Sidie came running inside the cave and tried to catch her breathe. “Huh e huh e.. Oh god, Jester.. The blizzard came after me!” “Sidie and Jester, take a seat and I’ll get you some food, you look starving! Jester and Sidie sat down onto chairs next to a table which was made out of grey stones! CPMaster came out of the metal kitchen whilst holding a plate with Cereal,Toast,Beans,Fish,Tea and Juice and walked to Jester and Sidie and put the plate onto the table. “Enjoy, Jester and Sidie!” Jester and Sidie thanked CPMaster and ate. “Hello..” said a voice “Hello? Whos there” asked Sidie. “My name is Leo.” “Well, Leo. Where are you from?” asked Jester “I am from Klondike. What about you?” “Our names are Jester and Sidie and we are from Klondike aswell!” The walls smashed! The blizzard had come through the walls and destroyed the entire cave. Every penguin escaped and 30 of them got hurt, The Blizzard is too strong for 2 people but what about 100? What will happen next? Find out in The Blizzard Chapter 3!

The Blizzard, Chapter I: The Beginning!|CPAWL

CPAWL Office: CPMaster, Executive Producer, Original Story Creator Of The Club Penguin Army Warfare League.

This Story has used up a lot of my imagination so enjoy. The story shall begin now!

Chapter 1: The Beginning!

28th August 2020, Klondike, 11:30PM.

The galaxy sky was glowing into an Igloo which belonged to a mean rich penguin known as “Jester”. The glowing disturbed Jester while the winds were calm.. “Whoosh” The wind blew, Jester was trying to find out how to make a Blizzard but he never succeeded! “That damn wind is too loud! I’ll never get the invention done” Shouted Jester”I need the quietness not the wind whooshing!” The door knocked “Knock Knock” The door went! “Grrr! If that’s Maroon again, I’ll teach him to prank me!” Jester walked slowly upstairs whilst holding a frying pan in his hands.. He opened the door and found Sidie, His best friend! “Good evening, Jester” “Hello, Sidie.. I thought you were Maroon!” Sidie walked through the door and into the Living Room. “So what are you doing here, Sidie..?” “I have come to help you with the Invention” “Oh! Thank you so much, Sidie” Jester thanked Sidie and they walked into the basement. The invention was ginormous! It had shades of Black on the metal with two antennas on the top and a giant red button. “Wow, Jester. This looks amazing and i bet it could make a giant blizzard!” Sidie and Jester kept trying to make a giant blizzard but failed. “Oh this is impossible, Jester! We tried 30 times!” “I am not giving up!” shouted Jester “Unless.. Oh, Sidie! We forgot the Chemical E! How could we be so dumb!” Sidie grabbed the Chemical E and put it inside the Machine. Jester pressed the button and the machine started! Jester and Sidie fell back onto the basement’s floor and they both screamed. The Blizzard had begun as it destroyed the igloo and whooshed to the Town! The Penguins at the Town Screamed “Help!!!” “What’s going on?!” “Ahhhhh!” Jester and Sidie did not know what to do now, What will happen to the Town and will Jester and Sidie stop the Blizzard?! Find out in Chapter II of The Blizzard!