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Top Ten Armies [22/11/20-28/11/20]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warfare Media Headquarters – The ninth edition of CPAWL Top Tens is out! We see a lot of new faces & another army taking up the top spot again! Find out how well the armies have done for the last week!

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Shadow Troops Return to The Community

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warefare Media Headquarters Shadow Troops return to the community once again but under the leadership of S Cargo. What made S Cargo revive the legendary army once again? Continue reading

CParmies.net To Temporarily Close Next Year

Klondike, CP Army Warfare Media Headquarters- With the end of the year drawing closer, the end of Adobe Flash is looming over the community. CParmies.net is looking to temporarily close its doors next year until a solution is discovered.

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Underground Mafias Army – Winter Revival?

UNKNOWN TERRIROTY, Underground Mafias Army Nation – In a surprising turn of events last night, Cobra of the Underground Mafias Army has announced a revival of the army to take place in winter. The historical army has seen many unsuccessful generation within the CPPS era of Club Penguin Armies, but could this time be something different? Continue reading to find out more!

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PAKIC Says Goodbye: Merge Into Island Invaders!

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warfare League Headquarters- PAKIC, an army officially opened on the 11th of October, created by Kailey and Pumpkin, with the great hopes of growing into a dominant army has announced the official news of it’s merge into Island Invaders.

Ever since PAKIC was created, they have hosted a handful of events, maxing from 4 to 6 troops. On their opening event, they maxed a total of 6 troops, earning them qualification as a CP Army Warfare League S/M army. They have continued with events and landed themselves in joint 5th in the CPAWL Top Tens. They looked set to fortify PAKIC as an S/M Army.

PAKIC’s Opening Event, where they maxed 6.


Unfortunately, all things come to an end, and on the 2nd of November, Kailey and Pumpkin announced the closing and merging of the army into the Island Invaders, a new upcoming army, much to the horror of their troops. They held their closing event on the 3rd of November, and they maxed 4. Pumpkin, a former PAKIC leader, switched sides and joined the Island Invaders leadership team shortly after the announcement of their closing.

The official announcement of the merge

CPAWL:  What was the main inspiration behind the creation of this army?

Kailey: A few days prior Pumpkin and I discussed starting a joke army so when the opportunity arose, we went for it.

CPAWL: What turn of events caused you to shut down PAKIC?

Kailey: Pumpkin and I knew going into things that we’d have to shut down PAKIC once I was promoted in my home army, Army of Club Penguin. Excitingly, I got promoted a few days ago! Hooray! I’m now an Advisor in the Army of Club Penguin. After I got promoted, we planned our closing event and merge with Island Invaders, Pumpkin’s new army he’s creating with Legoman.

CPAWL: Do you plan on reviving the army in the future?

Kailey: Probably not. We were unable to reach Legoman, an Island Invaders leader, but Pumpkin, another leader, has informed us that Legoman has high hopes for the merge and plans to reach heavy numbers in their revival event!

Kailey certainly feels that this merging will create new opportunities for the Island Invaders.   This merge brings exciting new plans for the Island Invaders and the leaders themselves look forward to it. The question is, how will the Island Invaders cope with new faces and changes? Will we see the army rise to major army status under Pumpkin’s added leadership?

What do YOU think? Is this the last time we hear of PAKIC? Will the merge benefit the Island Invaders for the better or for worse? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Warefare League Reporter Trainee

Water Ninjas Leader, Flav, Retires From The Community

KLONDIKE, CPAWL MEDIA Over the years, we have seen many people enter and exit the community. Water Ninja’s leader, Flav, has silently retired from the community just under a month after re-creating Water Ninjas.

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News Recap: What Have We Missed?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warfare League – After one long month, we’ve finally returned from our hiatus. Unfortunately, the news hasn’t stopped, and several engaging events have taken place that we can’t afford to miss. Retirements, armies opening/closing down, wars and battles, league updates, and more! What exactly did we miss? Let’s take a look. Continue reading

A New Army Emerges! – PIC and Water Troops Combine into the Tamales!

FJORD, Tamales Territory – In an unexpected turn of events, a new army has emerged! The Tamales of Club Penguin was created as a result of the merge between the Water Troops and the People’s Imperial Confederation. How will this new contender fair in the army community?

On August 16, the Water Troops and the People’s Imperial Confederation came together to create a brand new community. The merge resulted after the Confederation experienced a decline in activity after the successes of the Challenger’s Cup. Although the Water Troops saw success, the invasions of the Black Ice Alliance and Coup Crusaders posed great difficulties that left the future of WT in uncertainty.

The Tamales of Club Penguin serves as a new start for the two armies. Headed by leaders Sidie9/Jemma, Attai/Tyler, Emma, and Lukey, the Tamales strive to reach new frontiers. One of the Tamales leaders, Sidie9/Jemma describes the Tamales as the “successor” of both PIC and WT, as seen here on the Tamales’ opening post!

I interviewed one of the leaders of the Tamales, El Capitán Sidie9!

Q: How did the Tamales come in to fruition? 

The concept of a Tamales army was first brought up in a conversation between Emma and I. PIC was struggling at the time, and I asked Emma for the name of a Hispanic food, to which she replied with tamales. We sat on the idea of the army until I discussed with Bryce the possibility of a merge with the Water Troops. He took a liking to the Tamales concept, and everything flowed from there.

Q: What are your goals for this new army? 

In the Tamales we seek to surpass the accomplishments of our predecessors, the Water Troops and the People’s Imperial Confederation. We have an excellent team and I am very optimistic for the future. In addition, we just want to have fun, which is what armies should be all about. Those are our main goals.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fellow community members?

Sí Se Puede, Viva Los Tamales, and also join CPAWL before your army in CPAH gets voted out 20-3.

The leaders of the Tamales are hopeful for the future! What do YOU think about this new army? Will they meet their goals?