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CPPS Army Legends

All descriptions accredited to  Club Penguin Army Hub / Club Penguin Army Media.


The era of the ending of Club Penguin Armies and the arrival of Club Penguin Rewritten Armies, most legends of this time are chosen for their revivals and choices among the armies to become a new one. This era saw the revival of the Underground Mafias Army, the moving of the RPF, and the revival of other legendary armies.

Elmikey played an essential part in reviving the RPF into Club Penguin Rewritten. His leadership would bring great power and sizes to the RPF and would make it the dominant army in CPA. He would declare war on and win against the Tubas, which would later become one of the most well-known wars of the era. Elmikey was famously removed in a coup d’état from the RPF leadership on December 7th 2017 by the other leaders of the time, apparently for admin abuse amongst other allegations. He would revive the Rebel Penguin Marines following this and planned to use it to retake RPF for himself, although he would later instead rally for RPF’s destruction. Whilst the RPM had some limited success, Elmikey eventually shut the army down, his plans failed.

Silverburg is also widely credited as being instrumental to RPF’s revival on CPR, and as an influential figure in creating the new CPRA era for all armies.

Tool Box was one of the three people to revive the Tubas for its new revival within Club Penguin Rewritten Armies. He was a key figure in the growth and success of Tubas and in leading the army against the RPF, initially to much success, even getting the then CPR Administrator Codey on side, but after a deface, the Tubas were ruined for good. He would return to work against RPF with Elmikey in the Rebel Penguin Marines, which ended with the army’s shut down.

2018 was the first complete year in the new CPPS armies era. It saw the migration of many armies from Club Penguin Rewritten to Club Penguin Online after CPR placed heavy restrictions on armies operating on the platform as well as World War VII: one of the biggest wars in CPA history.

Popsiclebeak was one of the most influential RPF leaders of post-CPA. First joining the RPF in 2016, he would rise to become the leader by the early parts of 2017 and still leads today. He would lead through the CPR Golden Age of RPF. He would assist in the removal of Elmikey. He would manage to grow the RPF to hit sizes of 100 in early 2018, making it officially the biggest army. For his actions he received RPF legend in May of 2018. He managed to win the 2018 Legends cup with XxToysoldier against the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. He would lead during World War VII holding barely any success.

Cobra was a major part of post-CP Armies. As his vastly detailed wiki page will tell you, he has been involved with a lot of armies since 2017, including several tenures with the Underground Mafias Army, in which he attained 3rd in command on several occasions as well as leading the Dark Knight Empire before merging it into the Romans. He was a part of the Club Penguin Crew until it died, was heavily involved in the development of the Romans, helping to grow sizes before the army was shut down, as well as helping lead the successor to Romans, Nova Phoenix Corps in July 2018 until his retirement a month later. Perhaps most notably, Cobra was a high command member of the EGCP, helping to lead the army at times as well as advising throughout 2019. The yearalso saw World War VII, the RDA vs RPF and Elite Trackers. Cobra was a major player in the war, helping to found the six-army-strong Red Dawn Alliance and helping lead it to great success, winning the battles that took place. Cobra was infamous throughout 2018 for his anti-RPF stance. He was involved with Elmikey’s RPM, suggesting what would lead to the Skirmish of Glacier, a failed raid on RPF. He would later advise for the Templars, one of the primary armies behind the Red Dawn Alliance, again for Elmikey. In more recent times, Cobra’s stance has been relaxed.

Cookky2 is well recognised in the community for his work in the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, a Portuguese army. It would grow to be the only army that could face RPF throughout the rest of 2017 and were perhaps instrumental in RPF’s defeat in World War VII back in 2018. This army was made possible by Cookky2, a former leader for Nachos, and Edu14463, a former Water-Ninjas leader, who worked together to build the EGCP from scratch, a feat often unheard of in modern armies. The army rose to great sizes thanks to Cookky2’s leadership and would see the army survive till early 2020, when EGCP decided to shut down after inactivity.

Edu14463, a former Water-Ninjas leader, who worked together to build the EGCP from scratch, a feat often unheard of in modern armies. The army rose to great sizes thanks to Edu’s leadership and would see the army survive till early 2020, when EGCP decided to shut down after inactivity.

Epic101 has been recognized in the past for his work in the Light Troops and other armies like the Marines and the Redemption Force. This time around he has been inducted to become an Army Legend for his recent work in the Pirates and his contribution to Armies this year. Epic101 returned to the army community in July 2018, Epic began leading the Templars army, who at the time were maxing sizes of 15, he rose the Templars up over the course of a week and began maxing sizes of 50. Shortly after this, he departed the Templars and began leading the Pirates. Since early August he has been leading the Pirates to successful sizes and the Pirates have not seen sizes of less than 800 since mid-September of 2018. Aside from his leadership in armies, Epic, with the help of Club Penguin Online Admin, Riley, reformed the Club Penguin online Army League and in November 2018 he hosted the second Army Tournament since Club Penguin closed, the Christmas Chaos. In the end many armies took part and enjoyed the various amount of battles and the Army League since has had over 50 registered armies, and is the most successful Army Organisation since Club Penguin’s Closure in 2017. Armies are currently at an all time high since 2015, this being the most active the community has been since Club Penguin closed. Epic’s work in the Pirates, Light Troops and above all, armies as a whole, has made him one of the most influential figures, if not the most influential figure, in the community since 2017. For all of the above reasons, the public has decided to vote Epic101 in as a Club Penguin Army Legend.

With Armies back and in full swing, The CP Army community operates in the CPO Army League and the CPA League. Many new armies arise, and many more old armies revive.

Doctor Mine Turtle, more commonly known as DMT, is most well known for his leadership as part of the Club Penguin Armies League Administration. During his time as Admin, he strove to create a fair environment in which armies could compete, setting up infrastructure and tournaments, and judging battles himself often. DMT could be called the face of 2019 CPA as he published weekly Top Tens, mediated disagreements, set standards, and even wrote provoking philosophical pieces on the nature of modern day armies. Without DMT, the army community would have been much more stagnant than it was in 2019, and for that, he is a Legend.

Koloway split off from RPF when he heard McHappy’s trumpet sound for ACP revival. A veteran of the old army, he looked to make a name for himself and he did so quickly, taking over the army as its leader, Chainpro, completely disappeared. Taking the reigns without hesitation, Koloway proceeded to bolster ACP until it rivaled RPF. Despite entering the game late, he managed to lead his army to the #1 spot in less than 3 months, snagging it away from RPF, a feat not easily accomplished at the time. He also led ACP to its first tournament victory and the first win in a tournament against RPF. Though the Finals were held within the first days of January 2020, the Holiday Tournament was held throughout December, and ACP’s win is known as one of Koloway’s pivotal 2019 accomplishments. Known for his passionate, determined attitude and non-stop motivation, Koloway made his presence and ability known as a force to be reckoned with.

Superhero123’s most significant achievement in 2019 was the creation of Club Penguin Armies: The Game, a battlefield type CPPS filled with many army related features. As an original Club Penguin Army veteran with a fair amount of experience in computer programming and CPPS development, he was suited to and determined to make such a CPPS reality. CPA:TG played an important role in connecting armies that were based on different CPPSes through a common ground, and was the home of CPA’s tournaments. It also provided armies with large amounts of territory to conquer, similar to original Club Penguin’s amount of servers. In addition, he administrated Club Penguin Armies League, devoting ample time to running the organization smoothly, fielding community concerns both league and CPPS related, and maintaining fair and just decisions.

Ultipenguinj, called Ulti by most, rejoined RPF in Summer for Second In Command. A former RPF Leader in 2014, he quickly relearned the ropes of leadership, adjusting for the new CPPS era, and became Rebel Commander in only a couple of months. He was well known for leading RPF’s Strike Force, its transitional special forces unit that initiated the army’s transformation from just a Club Penguin community back to a competitive army and league participant. With Ulti at the helm, RPF remained #1 on the Top Ten for the majority of 2019, won the Summer Circuit Tournament, and defeated their rivals, EGCP, in war. His guidance would also realize RPF’s goal of hitting 100+ in December. He displayed exemplary leadership, had a widely respected and fair reputation, and was an innovative strategist and negotiator. Returning to the community, Ulti outdid his past self, and earned the Legend title.

Freezie66 joined the Redemption Force in November 2019 as an advisor but after a dispute with Reacon, he contacted Mustapha10 and recreated the Doritos. Freezie with the help of Epic101 & Mustapha and 32op, managed to recruit hundreds upon hundreds of new members to the Doritos in just a matter of weeks and defeated the Redemption Force in a War after just a matter of battles. Following this, Freezie left the Doritos and recreated the Dark Warriors with the help of a DW Legend, Spi101.  Within a matter of months, he had won the Christmas Chaos tournament and created a truly amazing community that is simply incomparable. The Dark Warriors are still living on today thanks to Freezie’s amazing contributions and teachings and many leaders in the current community look up to Freezie for his hard work & teachings. Following his retirement from the Dark Warriors, he joined the Army League Board and ran the league along side Andrew24 in the absence of Epic101, without Andrew & Freezie’s leadership, the Community would have collapsed. Thanks to these guys, the Community flourished and became the #1 News Provider & was host to the biggest & best Club Penguin Armies since Club Penguins Closure with armies averaging sizes between 50 – 150 week in and week out.

Andrew24 returned to the Community thanks to contact from Freezie66. Andrew returned as a Board Member of the League and was initially just watching over the community before taking over a short-term stunt in the Pirates alongside his Crew including members like Agent 11. The Pirates had some highs and lows during this period, however, following Epic101’s return and re-takeover of the Pirates, Andrew and his crew recreated the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors went on to become arguably one of the biggest Club Penguin Armies in the community in just under two weeks. They dominated the Army Scene thanks to their efficient recruiting techniques on the #1 CPPS, CPOnline & went on to dominate in Wars against armies such as the Doritos. It must be noted that, thanks to Andrew & his leadership, the Ice Warriors managed to max sizes of 150 on multiple occasions and never dropped to sizes below 60 during his tenure. During the Ice Warriors peak, they saw a max size of 165 troops at the March Madness semi finals, a size that was never seen before. Due to his hard work within the Ice Warriors & his running of the Army Community alongside Freezie66, he has been inducted as an Army Legend.

32op returned to Club Penguin Armies in November 2019 after he saw the Doritos return. 32op returned to the Doritos Leadership alongside Mustapha, Epic & Freezie and led them to great heights. Following Freezie’s & Epic’s departure, the Doritos’ did not drop their standards. 32op came up with efficient techniques to recruit hundreds and thousands of new members to the Doritos each week. For many months the Doritos dominated the Army Scene and gathered many achievements, including winning the 2019 Christmas Chaos tournament. They also won multiple wars including those against the Ice Warriors & Dark Warriors but often came across a bump in the road when facing the Pirates such as their encounters at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic but do not let this discredit them as they were simply one of the biggest armies since their return, averaging sizes of 80-100 on a daily basis. Since Epic101, Freezie & Andrew’s departure from the community, 32op has taken an Administrative role in the Army League and has been doing a good job with maintaining the levels & stats that the Army League obtained under Andrew, Freezie & Epic. For all of the above reasons, 32op has earned his title as an Army Legend.

Mustapha10 returned around the same time as Freezie66 did and was the sole reason for the return of the Doritos Army in 2019. With the combined help of Epic101 and Freezie, he brought the Doritos to new heights and managed to push them past their horrid history which was tarnished by the likes of Badboy & Trader & Sprite. The Doritos returned and became a world power and dominated the army scene for many months. Mustapha10 is often credited as the “Real Creator” of the Doritos due to his hard work but this is often argued on. Despite Mustapha’s differences within the DCP oligarchy, he had a great influence on the army as a whole. Thanks to his hard work and recruiting efforts over a 5-month span, the Doritos became a powerhouse and dominated the Top Ten & many world wars. For this reason, Mustapha has been inducted as an Army Legend.