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Beginners Guide


CHAPTER 1: What Are CP Armies? 

Club Penguin Armies are a division of the massively popular online game Club Penguin, formed in 2006. In the early years, armies existed as different factions like “Team Red” and “Team Blue” had snowball fights on Club Penguin. Soon, the community would evolve into actual armies, some of the most popular in the first two years being the Army of Club Penguin, the Underground Mafias Army, and the Romans.

There are a few major parts of Club Penguin Armies. First and foremost, the armies themselves. There are countless armies existing in our community today, such as the Nachos, Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of Club Penguin, Dark Warriors, and Ice Warriors, just to name a few. These armies engage in all kinds of different battles on Club Penguin, from raids and tournaments to wars between different armies. Most armies have a WordPress site, which you can check for all kinds of updates and fun posts, as well as a discord Chat, where you can go to talk to others in the army world, and where you report for events.

Another large part of armies is the media. Beginning in 2009, the site you are currently reading, CPA Central, is the most popular and influential army media to date, and has been since its creation in 2009. Our small and medium army counterpart, Small and Medium Army Press, has existed since 2014. News sites are responsible for hosting the tournaments that bring many armies to fame, electing CP Army Legends, and providing a forum where everyone in the army world can come to share their ideas. Content on CPAC includes news reports, philosophy posts, and editorials.

After many years of innovation, armies today are more organized than ever before. Functioning on Club Penguin, WordPress, and discord Chats, Club Penguin Armies are a great way to develop social skills, become a global citizen, and have a lot of fun. This first chapter is just an introduction to a vast community that is nine years strong and counting, and reading on will give you a deeper understanding of everything outlined above, from army chats and websites, to famous armies and the media, as well as how battles work and how to be a good digital citizen.


CHAPTER 2: How Do Battles Work? 

About Battles

How do battles work? In terms of Club Penguin armies, we have battles that use various forms of tactics and formations. Club Penguin armies use tactics and formations to fight their opponents.

Why do we have battles? Most of the time, we have battles to determine who will own a server. Most of these type of battles occur during wars. Some armies will also have “practice battles.” Practice battles are mainly for fun, and obviously, for practice as well.

What are formations? Formations are used to make an army look organized. They are basically lines that army members will organize themselves into. There are many types of lines that an army may organize themselves into. For example, they may make a diagonal line across a room, or make a line along the chatbar on Club Penguin.

What are tactics? Tactics are what is used to fight against an opponent in a battle. Some tactics that may be used are: emotes, words/phrases, or motions (such as throwing snowballs).


As it is explained above, formations are used to make an army look organized. Armies may use different shapes, or lines, to organize themselves into. If the leader wishes to do so, they may even have their army make a formation of letters. For reference, you may find a list of links with pictures of various formations below. The red and white line indicates what the formation may look like.

  • Chatbar Line
  • Diagonal Line
  • Horizontal Line
  • X-Shaped Line
  • Circle


In Club Penguin army battles, armies would use tactics to fight their opponents. Tactics may come in various forms. For example, some tactics could be using emotes, throwing snowballs at their opponents, or doing a “joke bomb.”

During an event, leaders would tell you to use a certain shortcut for a tactic or tell you to type in a phrase. Before leaders use a tactic, they would announce what tactic is to be used and give a countdown for when to use it. Emotes are the most commonly used tactics in armies. For that reason, leaders use emote shortcuts to name and use the emotes. You may find a link below to a list of emote shortcuts, along with word and motion shortcuts.

  • Emotes, Words, and Motion Shortcuts


CHAPTER 3: The Most Famous Armies

List of Major Armies 

  • ACP 
  • IW
  • IW 
  • Nachos
  • RPF 
  • DCP 

CHAPTER 4: How Do Armies Work?


1. Being Recruited/Finding An Army

Yes, I’m sure you’ve been asked a hundred times how you were recruited, who recruited you, etc. Well, we all know there are many different methods of recruiting. You COULD have just stumbled upon the army but is far less likely than one of these methods.

Chat recruiting

Chat recruiting was the most popular method of recruiting in 2012 – 2013, but soon fell to its death when the recruits simply didn’t come anymore. If you joined CP Armies in 2012 or the start of 2013, you were probably chat recruited, aka discord recruited. Chat recruiting was then replaced by another method of recruiting. This was the most original method, Club Penguin recruiting.

Club Penguin recruiting

Club Penguin recruiting is the joint current method of recruiting as of today and was the method people resorted to after chat recruiting died. For those of you who don’t know, Club Penguin recruiting is designed to get loyal troops but has been proved to be extremely difficult. Club Penguin recruiting can be very difficult because of the filters Disney has implemented into the chat bar. Every week armies have to re-design phrases because Disney blocking the phrases. Club Penguin recruiting has temporarily stopped, with fewer and fewer recruits being brought into the armies each day.

Club Penguin Private Server (CPPS) Recruiting

Now, this could be the future recruiting method for CP Armies. A Club Penguin Private Server, more commonly known as CPPS, is basically a hacked version of Club Penguin. It has all the same rooms, all the same items, all the same clothes, all the same, emotes, everything is the same. Apart from a few things. A few major things. The good things are green, the bad things are red.

  • Club Penguin has filters, CPPS doesn’t
  • Club Penguin has more users than CPPS
  • CPPS has more mods than Club Penguin
  • CPPS lets you add items via the chat bar, regardless of money (making it easier to get your armies’ uniform)
  • The majority of CPPS users are stubborn teenagers, whereas Club Penguin users are more enthusiastic
  • CPPS has nearly 0% lag, making it easier to get from room to room, and reduces the chance of freezing

Looking at those, it seems as if CPPS isn’t so bad. But the list could go on and on, and you could find more disadvantages with CPPS, but also find advantages with it. Let’s move onto the next chapter of How Do Armies Work.

2. Introduction & Joining

So picture yourself as a CP recruit or a recruit off of CPPS or discord. Picture entering the chat, and being welcomed by the mods and owners. You’ll probably of been told something along the lines of “Hi, we’re a CP army, want to join us?”, and is linked to the chat (if you’re after being recruited off of discord or another chat). Or if you’re a CP recruit, you might see something like “We are a CP Army, look us up, join today”. You’d then probably enter the chat, and be Private Messaged to “click on the green pawn to change your name”.

After joining, you’re officially apart of the army. But there are so many questions to ask. “What do we do when we go on CP?” “What do we wear?” “How do I know what to do?”. You can easily ask the question, and if you’re in an army with even half-decent moderators or owners, they will answer all the questions you may have. Once you’re satisfied with what you have to do, you can easily enjoy yourself with the army. You could give it a go at a few events, and decide on whether you want to stay doing it or not.

3. Ranking Up

At this stage, if you have continued to attend events and check the army’s website for news, battles, events, and other updates, you may prosper towards the idea of ranking up. You will see other troops be ranked up for continued good behavior, full attendance at events, and often recruiting, even in some cases be made a “moderator” on chat. The leaders will often post “promotional” battles on the website, and post messages on the chat saying how if they recruit and attend events they will be promoted. Your new objective is to be “promoted”, or “ranked up”. When this happens, you will gain more and more power.

You will be constantly told about being promoted when reaching a certain size at certain events. You will try to attend every event, be early for them all, comment on every post, obey the leaders, talk frequently on chat, recruit and be nice to other people, to get a nice juicy spot higher in the ranks. At this point, you really start to understand the goal of a troop in a CP army.

4. Reaching Your Goal/Creating An Army

There is usually two ways that you go when you begin to really understand the army. Here are the two most common things to happen.

Reaching Your Goal

As we mentioned in the previous chapter, you soon become to realize your true goal. That true goal would be to rank up. But one certain rank that is commonly aimed for is one of the “moderator” ranks. Being made a moderator puts an awful lot of responsibility on your shoulders, but also gives you the ability to kick an out of line troop. You nearly dream of becoming a “moderator” on the chat. You will also get to be in higher command of other troops. Who doesn’t like a sense of leadership?

Creating An Army

A lot of the time, when you are involved in the army for a few months, you receive quite a bit of morale, maybe a bit too much morale. You start to get over-confident, cocky. You like the idea of leading an army yourself, but don’t realize you need to know more things and learn a lot more. This is commonly known as “experience”. You also get very ambitious and prosper to make your own army. You soon learn how to make a website, a chat, and even get some “GFX” off of someone for free. But once all the “GFX” have been made, the chat made, and the site made, you’re left sitting there on the chat. You ask a few of your friends that you have made along the way to join, some might, some won’t. You try to recruit, but just can’t, even when somebody came, you couldn’t convince them to stay. You soon realize that you don’t know how to make a CP Army, and return all your concentration to your original army.

5. Moving Army/Staying Loyal

You will have two paths to take at this point. By now you’ve probably been asked at least 5 times to join a different army, promising all kinds of high ranks, attempting to draw you in. This is when you need to make your decision.

Moving Army

As I mentioned above, you WILL be offered higher ranks, moderator ranks, owner ranks, etc. Some smaller armies might even offer you a leader. At this point you will most likely be very tempted to join for the rank being offered. Seems very promising, doesn’t it? But you still have to think of the army that introduced you.

Staying Loyal

After being offered a nice juicy spot in some army you probably haven’t heard of, at some point, you will think about your home army. You become to realize what your home army has done for you, that you were introduced by THEM. It then depends on what kind of person you are, or what you want to do; be power-hungry, or be loyal. You decide.

6. Retirement/Disappearance

Yes, you’d be surprised, but a lot of new recruits just disappear after a week. Others retire.


This is usually an action that commences within 2 weeks after joining the army. Sometimes recruits simply get too busy to come to the chat anymore, or check the site and attend events. They start to get in-active. After getting in-active, you see less and less of them. Eventually, you completely forget about them. They’re gone. They’ve disappeared.


Usually, you won’t be a “new recruit” anymore by the time you are retiring. Retirement is usually after being in Club Penguin Armies for a year or two, but others retire after a few months. When you retire, you don’t come to events anymore. You don’t check the site anymore. You don’t recruit anymore. You’re finished with CP Armies. But a frequent occurrence in today’s generation of CP Armies, is leaders coming back AFTER retirement, then retiring again. This can happen many times, sometimes even up to 7 times.



CHAPTER 5: News Sites

As in an a real-world community, the media exists in Club Penguin armies in the form of various news sites. These news sites report the latest happenings in the Club Penguin army world. They will have various types of posts, the most popular of which are:

  • News: major news sites will report the newest and most important events that happen in CP armies. These may be battle reports, war news, leadership changes, and much more.
  • Philosophy: major news sites will also write posts about various random topics that relate to CP armies. They are often big, wide-covering concepts, like leadership, ranks, methods of warfare, and others.
  • Opinion: although these news sites are usually objective and unbiased (eg. they will not let their opinion influence their reporting), every once in a while they write editorials that give their opinion on a current issue.
  • Top tens: these form the most popular posts on any news site. Released once a week, top tens rank armies from 1 to 10 according to their size, power, and influence.

The most famous news site is Club Penguin Army Central (CPAC). It is by far the most influential and popular news site and has been so since 2009 when it was founded. Prestigious and well-known for its high-quality reports and very experienced team of dedicated staff, it is often viewed as the literal ‘center’ of armies. They report on large armies. 


CHAPTER 6: Recruiting and Patrolling

Definition and Importance

Recruiting, simply put, is causing others to join your army. It is convincing someone, in whatever way, to become a member of the army you are currently in. Recruiting is a top priority of every army and considered crucial to an army’s well-being and growth. Soldiers are expected to recruit for their army often, both by attending recruiting sessions and by recruiting on their own time.


There are several ways you can persuade people to join your army. The most common of these ways are listed and explained below:

Recruiting on Club Penguin

Recruiting on Club Penguin is the most popular recruiting method. This method includes a soldier or a group of soldiers logging on to a Club Penguin server and shouting certain phrases to convince other penguins to look up their army and join it. The server must be a Standard Safe Chat server rather than an Ultimate Safe Chat server (servers with the speech bubble next to the server name) so that a soldier can type out his own sentences.

Examples of recruiting phrases:
“Turn green!”
“Join the Nacho Army today!”

Typing and entering the recruiting phrases can be done in two ways. The first is to do it manually by typing out or copying and pasting the messages yourself. The second way is to use an auto typer, software that causes the soldier’s penguin to automatically and constantly say things it is commanded to say. With this method, the soldier does not have to type the phrases out himself; he can leave his Club Penguin tab up unattended while doing other things.

While soldiers can recruit by themselves on their own time, often, recruiting sessions are scheduled by their army’s leader. A recruiting session is a period of time when the entire army, led by the leader, logs on to a Club Penguin server and recruits.

Recruiting on other Army Chats

Other army chats can be another source of recruits. This method features soldiers getting on an army chat that is not their own, private chatting those on that army chat, and asking them to join the soldier’s army.

This form of recruiting can be risky, because most army chats do not allow advertising of any kind and will ban those who attempt it.

Recruiting on Chats Not Related to Club Penguin Armies

Another method of recruiting is to use discord chats that are not Club Penguin Army chats. A soldier using this technique does the same thing he does when recruiting on other army chats, except the soldier goes on a chat that is not related to Club Penguin Armies, rather than another army chat.

This method, like recruiting on other army chats, may be risky if the chat bans people who advertise.


Patrolling, in Club Penguin Warfare, is keeping watch over the servers your army “owns”. Like recruiting, patrolling is one of the duties of a soldier and may be done in groups or alone. Unlike recruiting, however, it is something that is almost strictly done on your own agenda; army leaders rarely schedule “patrolling sessions”. There is no standard way to patrol.

When patrolling, a soldier watches for members of other armies and notes his findings. If a member or members of another army are found recruiting on one of the army’s servers, the patroller should notify the higher ranks so the problem can be sorted out.


CHAPTER 7: The Army Website

An army’s website is one of the centers of communication. This is where you can find details about the events your army is holding, various amounts of information about your army, and much more. These websites bring together the army as a whole. There are various pages that army websites hold.

Most Common Pages Found on an Army’s Website:

  • Join: This is the page where everyone, like you, comes to join the army. Usually, there is a join form where you answer the questions in a comment at the bottom of the page.
  • Ranks: To know your place in the army, you come to the Ranks page. The Ranks are divided into Member, Moderator, and Owner.
  • Chat: On this page, you will always find a link to the army’s chatbox. You would also find the rules of the chatbox here. To learn more about the chat, click here. (LINK TO GO TO DISCORD https://discord.gg/Zc7Mwe
  • Nation/Empire: Here, you can find the Government of your army. You will also find the land [servers] owned. Sometimes you will even find the army’s allies/enemies.
  • Uniform: The Uniform page is where you find the outfit you were on Club Penguin during battles and other events.
  • History: The history is the whole story about your army. The history of the army is usually written in chronological order, and written by the creator of one of the army’s veterans.

There can be many other pages on an army’s website, including a page for Medals, a Beginners Guide of the Army, and much more. You can also find news of your army through posts made by the army’s leadership. Although there are other important things the leadership post about, you mainly find details for events.



The army chat is one of the ways of communication. Here, you can receive orders from the army’s leadership, or just hang out with the other troops of the army.

What The Army Discord Is Used For

The army chat is used for communication between the leadership and the troops. Here, you can receive orders for important battles/events on Club Penguin. You can also just hang-out here, and make better relations with your fellow troops.