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Army League Rules

The Map and Invasions/Defenses:

:one:24-hour invasion notice is required; ping opposition leaders in #schedule-invasions.

:two: No doxxing, ddossing, hacking, botting, multilogging, troopstealing, or excessive toxicity.
Consequences include TT deduction, mutes, kicks, and bans at the discretion of the CEOs and/or moderators.

:three: An army may hold up to 3 invasions a day, but only 1 invasion per time zone (US, AUSIA, and EU) US: 4:00 p.m.-11:30 p.m. EST AUSIA: 12:00 a.m.-7:30 a.m. EST EU: 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

EST Note: If a battle is not scheduled for :00 or :30, it is considered whatever timezone the latest room enters. (e.g., Battle scheduled at 11:45 p.m. EST would be considered AUSIA because the final room ends at 12:15 a.m. EST). The maximum defenses an army can be forced to face are 3 a day.

:four: Armies may not invade the capital of another army until after they have taken all of the opposition’s land.

:five: Armies may declare war if they have at least 1 server. CPAWL will uphold all war terms made by the declaring army.
Eligible terms are: No allies, no server transfers, and which CPPS is to be used. Colonies shall not count as allies in the “no allies” term. Normal CPAWL rules of conduct (Rule #2) always apply.
Invasions that are not wars will not have terms upheld by CPAWL. Wars are considered complete when one side loses all servers, or when a treaty is signed by consenting 1ics.

:six: CPAWL will uphold all treaties signed by armies’ 1ics and posted in #treaties. The maximum timescale on a treaty CPAWL will uphold is 90 days. There shall be no force treaties. Both armies must be consenting.

:seven: An army can only own 65% of the map at one time to the nearest whole number (currently, this means 21 of our 33 servers).

:eight: You must ping the judges at least 1 hour in advance to be assigned a judge. Judges are mandatory for all battles affecting the map. We encourage both armies to take recordings and photographs (required if no judge is available for your time).

:nine: In judged battles, there may be a max of 2 OT rooms if the battle is close. In the case of a tie after 5 rooms of battling, the defending army will keep their land.

:one::zero: Armies must have 5 or more soldiers online for an invasion to be valid. If the other army no-shows, the present army must remain online for 10 minutes in order to claim victory.

:one::one: Colonies must be formalized by a colonial treaty between 1ics, posted in #treaties, in order to be official. Colonies are treated as individual armies in the TT. Their servers are included in the 65% land cap of their parent army. Maximum of 2 colonies officially recognized by CPAWL (armies may colonize more than two armies under their own terms, but they will not be given colony privileges by the league).

:one::two: Armies shall be allowed 2 army reps in CPAWL: one must be 1ic, and the other maybe 1-3ic. This includes 1 ausia leader and 1 UK/US leader


1st Offense: Deduction from Top ten
2nd: Offense: Suspension from invading undiscovered land, deduction from top ten, and removal from current and or upcoming tournament.
3rd: Complete total suspension for x amount of top tens and community involvement determined by CEO.
Suspension. No question.

Derogatory Behavior ON CLUB PENGUIN. CPAWL will not punish for actions on discord other than what has been stated below.

Cyber Bullying tactics:
Top Ten Deduction
To be clear on this, this includes personal information, racism, and straight-up-uncensored words that may cause harm.
Troop Stealing: If given enough sufficient evidence of troop stealing, the board will discuss repercussions. This is in no way healthy for the growth of the community.
Doxxing, DDoS’ing/Hacking of any kind:
A straight-up suspension.