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A New Army Emerges! – PIC and Water Troops Combine into the Tamales!

FJORD, Tamales Territory – In an unexpected turn of events, a new army has emerged! The Tamales of Club Penguin was created as a result of the merge between the Water Troops and the People’s Imperial Confederation. How will this new contender fair in the army community?

On August 16, the Water Troops and the People’s Imperial Confederation came together to create a brand new community. The merge resulted after the Confederation experienced a decline in activity after the successes of the Challenger’s Cup. Although the Water Troops saw success, the invasions of the Black Ice Alliance and Coup Crusaders posed great difficulties that left the future of WT in uncertainty.

The Tamales of Club Penguin serves as a new start for the two armies. Headed by leaders Sidie9/Jemma, Attai/Tyler, Emma, and Lukey, the Tamales strive to reach new frontiers. One of the Tamales leaders, Sidie9/Jemma describes the Tamales as the “successor” of both PIC and WT, as seen here on the Tamales’ opening post!

I interviewed one of the leaders of the Tamales, El Capitán Sidie9!

Q: How did the Tamales come in to fruition? 

The concept of a Tamales army was first brought up in a conversation between Emma and I. PIC was struggling at the time, and I asked Emma for the name of a Hispanic food, to which she replied with tamales. We sat on the idea of the army until I discussed with Bryce the possibility of a merge with the Water Troops. He took a liking to the Tamales concept, and everything flowed from there.

Q: What are your goals for this new army? 

In the Tamales we seek to surpass the accomplishments of our predecessors, the Water Troops and the People’s Imperial Confederation. We have an excellent team and I am very optimistic for the future. In addition, we just want to have fun, which is what armies should be all about. Those are our main goals.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fellow community members?

Sí Se Puede, Viva Los Tamales, and also join CPAWL before your army in CPAH gets voted out 20-3.

The leaders of the Tamales are hopeful for the future! What do YOU think about this new army? Will they meet their goals?




The Blizzard, Chapter III: Legendary Spirits

CPAWL Office: African Cupcake, The Blizzard Writer and CPMaster, Executive Producer, Original Story Creator Of The Club Penguin Army Warfare League.

1st September, Klondike, 3:11PM
The penguins had now found a mountain to use as a base, Jester had found that he had good in him and he turned the base into a village. The penguins loved Jester and Sidie and they were elected Presidents. “Have you thought about how we’re going to stop the Blizzard?” Sidie asked. “I am not very sure but i know the weakness.” Jester said “What is it, then?” Sidie asked “It was a part of Chemical E.. It is *sighs* Light” “Light??? How do you expect to get that?” Sidie shouted. “I am sure we have flashlights. But, We may need to get bright lights.” “Hmm…” Sidie mumbled walking around the room. “Jester!” said CPMaster “Yes, CPMaster?” Asked Jester. “So, We have found legendary spirits in different places. Are we going to ask them to help?” said CPMaster “We need to find them first.” said Jester “Jester, They are located at a volcano, a swamp, a cursed temple, the crescent moon and buried under the CP Times.” said CPMaster “Well, looks like we got some work to do. C’mon.” Jester said.

Jester opened his eyes and he saw 100 packed backpacks, 50 shining lights and 100 penguins ready to find.. THE LEGENDARY SPIRITS!”Jester! We are travelling to the Swamp of Frogs first!” said Sidie. Jester stood up and shouted “WE W\ILL FIND THE SPIRITS TO DESTROY THIS BLIZZARD! LET’S GO!!” There were cheers everywhere! “How far?” Jester asked. “Simply 30 minutes away!” Sidie said. They started walking. They watched the scenery of the destroyed Island and told jokes and had fun for once because The Blizzard had stopped them. “Looks like we’re here.” Sidie shouted. Some people were throwing up in the back from the revolting stench! It was disgusting. “Ew..” said everyone “Who goes there?” said a deep deep voice. “It is I, Myth.” said CPMaster “Oh.. You need my help?” said Myth “Yeah.. There’s this mega blizzard and we need to find all 5 spirits” said Jester. “Ugh.. Fine I’ll help” said Myth

Everybody was happy because they had one spirit, One down four to go! “Oh.. I have no idea how to travel to a volcano..” thought Jester “BOOOM!” a cannon shot! What will happen, Will everyone survive?! Find out in The Blizzard Chapter 3!

The Blizzard Chapter II: The Penguins|CPAWL

CPAWL Office: CPMaster, Executive Producer, Original Story Creator Of The Club Penguin Army Warfare League.

Chapter 2: The Penguins

30th August  2020, Klondike, 1:15AM.

“This blizzard is too strong, Jester!” “We have to destroy it! It will destroy the Island if we don’t!!” Jester and Sidie are trying to destroy this Giant Blizzard known as “The Mega Blizzard!”They both have gear on them and they are finding the remaining penguins everywhere, The blizzard that they have created was too strong to disappear. “Sidie, You take the Mine and I’ll take the Cave!” “Okay, Jester!” Sidie ran as fast as she could into the Mine and Jester ran into the well and climbed down into the clutches of the Cave! Sidie and Jester had been searching for days and never suceeded  finding penguins, Where could the penguins be? Jester or Sidie had no idea where they could be. “Whoooosh!!” the blizzard blew! “Hmm.. I think I’m in the right place” and Jester put his hand into his bag and got a lantern out and it had an orange fire and lit straight away! “Who goes there!” said a voice “I came looking for Penguins!” “Hm, We are all here hiding under the ground from that nasty blizzard!” said the voice “Oh, well whats your name?” Jester asked. “CPMaster.” “Oh well, CPMaster my name is Jester and my friend Sidie is coming.” CPMaster stepped out of the shadow and shook hands with Jester. CPMaster looked like a Sun Troop but with ripped clothes and scars all over his face. “Well, every surviving penguin is in here, Jester” “Oh CPMaster, That’s great!” Sidie came running inside the cave and tried to catch her breathe. “Huh e huh e.. Oh god, Jester.. The blizzard came after me!” “Sidie and Jester, take a seat and I’ll get you some food, you look starving! Jester and Sidie sat down onto chairs next to a table which was made out of grey stones! CPMaster came out of the metal kitchen whilst holding a plate with Cereal,Toast,Beans,Fish,Tea and Juice and walked to Jester and Sidie and put the plate onto the table. “Enjoy, Jester and Sidie!” Jester and Sidie thanked CPMaster and ate. “Hello..” said a voice “Hello? Whos there” asked Sidie. “My name is Leo.” “Well, Leo. Where are you from?” asked Jester “I am from Klondike. What about you?” “Our names are Jester and Sidie and we are from Klondike aswell!” The walls smashed! The blizzard had come through the walls and destroyed the entire cave. Every penguin escaped and 30 of them got hurt, The Blizzard is too strong for 2 people but what about 100? What will happen next? Find out in The Blizzard Chapter 3!

The Blizzard, Chapter I: The Beginning!|CPAWL

CPAWL Office: CPMaster, Executive Producer, Original Story Creator Of The Club Penguin Army Warfare League.

This Story has used up a lot of my imagination so enjoy. The story shall begin now!

Chapter 1: The Beginning!

28th August 2020, Klondike, 11:30PM.

The galaxy sky was glowing into an Igloo which belonged to a mean rich penguin known as “Jester”. The glowing disturbed Jester while the winds were calm.. “Whoosh” The wind blew, Jester was trying to find out how to make a Blizzard but he never succeeded! “That damn wind is too loud! I’ll never get the invention done” Shouted Jester”I need the quietness not the wind whooshing!” The door knocked “Knock Knock” The door went! “Grrr! If that’s Maroon again, I’ll teach him to prank me!” Jester walked slowly upstairs whilst holding a frying pan in his hands.. He opened the door and found Sidie, His best friend! “Good evening, Jester” “Hello, Sidie.. I thought you were Maroon!” Sidie walked through the door and into the Living Room. “So what are you doing here, Sidie..?” “I have come to help you with the Invention” “Oh! Thank you so much, Sidie” Jester thanked Sidie and they walked into the basement. The invention was ginormous! It had shades of Black on the metal with two antennas on the top and a giant red button. “Wow, Jester. This looks amazing and i bet it could make a giant blizzard!” Sidie and Jester kept trying to make a giant blizzard but failed. “Oh this is impossible, Jester! We tried 30 times!” “I am not giving up!” shouted Jester “Unless.. Oh, Sidie! We forgot the Chemical E! How could we be so dumb!” Sidie grabbed the Chemical E and put it inside the Machine. Jester pressed the button and the machine started! Jester and Sidie fell back onto the basement’s floor and they both screamed. The Blizzard had begun as it destroyed the igloo and whooshed to the Town! The Penguins at the Town Screamed “Help!!!” “What’s going on?!” “Ahhhhh!” Jester and Sidie did not know what to do now, What will happen to the Town and will Jester and Sidie stop the Blizzard?! Find out in Chapter II of The Blizzard!



Welcome to CPA Warfare League (CPAWL)! A league recently made to provide you with the latest army news & works for the betterment of the army community!

Why another CPA server? Like any other leagues in the past & the present which had/has different aims & missions, CPAWL’s aim is to ensure that S/M armies do not get bullied by major armies & empower s/m armies in the CPA community so that major armies and s/m armies can coexist.

What CPAWL has to offer for S/M Armies:

2x Representation
Reinforced Land (Makes it harder for major armies to bully s/m armies)
Prohibits Proxy Armies/Colonies attached to major armies going to war with s/m armies.

CPAWL is for S/M armies all the way. A map is currently up and on the way as well as a CPPS which is running and will be released soon. There will be over 30+ servers and each s/m will be allocated their capitals right off the bat upon joining.

All guidelines will be updated/tweaked and meetings will be held every week with leaders and staff to see what works and what doesn’t. Judgement will be passed immediately.



jester (CPA Legend & Veteran):

About me:
I’ve been around this community for a very long time, in 2007 i joined the Romans, i was recruited by Explorer7777. Serving in numerous armies, i finally received my big break in DCP and later LT, Chaos and UMA. in 2016 i was inducted as CPAC Legend. After 2017 i took a couple years hiatus and now i’m here probably stuck in lockdown like most of you. Coming back was like being hit with a culture shock, a lot of new faces and sometimes im still not used to it but i hope to get to know you all. I created this League in hopes to guide the community in the right direction, i’ve achieved everything i personally set out for and i don’t want any more other than to help all of you, the people that make it what it is. Contrary to popular belief, i actually do care about the community. You may see me on discords joking around here and there but when it comes time to be serious, i will be. I am no push over there will be absolutely zero favorability. Your voices will be heard. Thank you for your time and i hope you make the right decision in joining CPAWL.

Sidie9 (S/M Army Legend & CPA Veteran):

About me: Hello, I’m Sidie9. I had first joined the army community in 2010, recruited by Iceyfeet1234, and I have been an active member in the community despite a few years of retirement following the closure of Disney’s Club Penguin. I am most known for being the leader/Commander in Chief of the Army of Club Penguin in 2015, leading the Golden Troops in 2014, and creating the first AUSIA Division in army history in 2011. When I came back in October of 2019 to assist the newly remade Army of Club Penguin, I was shocked to learn that the community had lived on and was rising in popularity once more. Returning to armies I set myself a goal – I have run my course in the CP Army Community, and I have accomplished almost everything I could. I decided that I would only come back to benefit the community and reinforce its strength. I want to invigorate a new generation of people in the community, and it is time for me to give back to the fantastic collective of people who helped form my childhood and teen years. I look forward to working as CEO of CPAWL alongside Jester, and I hope you decide to join us in the CP Army Warfare League.

CPAWL Club Penguin Private Server (https://old.cparmywarfare.com/)

Armies can use CPAWL CPPS to battle other armies & host events. All the armies’ troops can use commands to add coins & items, obtain the army uniform etc.

A lot of things are still in progress & the league has been doing fine so far. What do YOU think will be the future of the league & how will it progress moving forward? Let us know in the comments section below!

– TD999 (CPAWL Executive Producer)

Top Ten Armies [8/9/2020]

Klondike, CPAWM Headquarters –  This is the second edition of the CPAWM Top Ten so kinks are still being worked out but overall it should acceptable. This was an interesting week for armies, we see some armies finally make their first appearance in our Top Ten as well as a nasty deduction that nearly took one army out of it entirely.



1. Rebel Penguin Federation [=] [100.00]

2. Help Force [+1] [92.85]

3. Army of Club Penguin [DRP] [88.85] 

4. Ice Warriors [DRP] [83.50]

5. Dark Warriors [=] [82.88]

6. Doritos [=] [77.00]

7. Silver Empire [+5]  [64.82]

8. Water Vikings [+2] [63.80]

9. Templars [NEW] [61.00]

10. Lime Green Army [DRP] [60.60] 


Close to Top Ten:

11.Recon Federation [+3] [59.50] 

12. Elites [NEW] [59.23] 

13. Red Ravagers [DRP] [59.00] 

14. SWAT [DRP] [53.90]

15. Romans [NEW] [52.75]

To see our full statistics please click here

Point Deductions:

  • Special Weapons and Tactics– 10 points (Multilogging)




1. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF had 10 total events this week, starting with a Ausia “STAMPS AHOY” with a US division battle later that day hitting sizes of 52 and 62. The following day had an Ausia “Operation: Good Knight” following that they also had a US “Operation: Explosive Rebels” they maxed sizes of 48 and 62. Later in the week they had a “Penguin Run” then followed through with invading Yukon maxing sizes of 60 and nearly 97! They finished up their weekend with 2 Ausia events and one US Operation as well as their invasion of Antarctic maxing sizes of 44, 63, 70 and finally 85.

2. Help Force: HF had nearly 11 events this week, consisting of multiple stamp collection events from all divisions ranging from sizes of 30 to 75+. They also had several take over events starting with a Puffle takeover, Mop Takeover as well as a Kermit takeover and even a Viscount Takeover maxing out sizes of 35 all the way to nearly 55!.

3. Army of Club Penguin: ACP had 9 events this past week starting with “training bootcamp” with their UK division maxing 32. ACP then had an Ausia mining session on tuesday where they got sizes of 70 later they had a US/CANADIAN Knight takeover maxing sizes of 44. On Wednesday they a Ausia “Shamrock sQUACKdown” aswell as a quick US “Troop Leading session” to where both events reached sizes of 40. ACP finished up their weekend with a 3 way battle on Friday and a SPEC Ops event as well as a Mermaid Takeover event on Saturday getting sizes of 48, 39 and 40!

4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had 2 huge events this past week starting with their impressive victory over Dark Warriors in the “March Sadness/March Madness’ Tournament. they maxed nearly 88 soldiers online to take the win from DW. IW also finished off their week with a quick Ausia hide and seek event where they maxed 38!

5. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors had a total of four events this past week. They began this week with a “Four Nations Battle” where they maxed 53. Tuesday they they had the March Madness/March Sadness Championship against  IW, hitting a max of 65. They ended their week with an AUSIA “H-Com Lead” as well as a US “U-Lead” Event where they got sizes of 25 at both.

6. Doritos:  DCP had 2 event this week called a “Nakey Raid” where they ran around in the full nude, they maxed sizes of 50 as well as a “Summer Awards” event with sizes of 40 .

7. Silver Empire: SE had 7 events this week starting with a “Murder Mystery Party” maxing 12. The following day Steve had his retirement event hitting sizes of 14. On Wednesday they had a “Hide & Seek” event maxing 8. The next day SE held a training session maxing 8. Silver Empire finished up the weekend with a  Practice Battle against LGA and ACP maxing 19 penguins! Their final event this week was a AUSIA “Card Jitsu Tournament” hitting a max of 9.

8. Water Vikings: WV held 5 events this past week starting with a “Music Event” maxing sizes of 30+. Later in the week they held a raid of SWAT hitting sizes of  20. To finish their week they had an AUSIA “Duck Takeover” hitting a max of 22 followed by a quick training session maxing 18 and a solid Practice battle against Coup Crusaders maxing 17.

9. Templars: Templars had 3 total events this week starting with a Training session on Tuesday hitting sizes of 27+. They then held another Training session later that week maxing 18. To end their week they had a Practice Battle against Water Troops where they got sizes of nearly 30.

10. Light Green Army: LGA had 6 events this week beginning with the Semi Finals of “Beach Brawl” against Coup Crusaders, LGA maxed nearly 18. Later they held a training session maxing 12 along with a “Hide and Seek” event to add to that they also had a unscehduled recruiting session all maxing sizes of 12, 11 and 27. To end their week they had a “Black Smith” Event maxing 25 and finished it up with a Practice Battle against Silver Empire and ACP hitting sizes of 11!


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!

Important News:

The site is still in the making so no need to worry about any mistakes or mess ups! IF you spot something contact a Board member or an Advisor, We will get on it immediately.  Also if you have a problem with your Score please contact myself or someone else affiliated with the TT so we can spit facts and logic at you. The League is still currently figuring out how to implement each army in upcoming Top Tens. be that as a confirming entry in or just all armies being counted regardless of their overall consent with the League.


CPAWM Board / Top Ten Maker

Top Ten Armies [8/2/2020]

Klondike, CPAWM Headquarters – This is the first official Top Ten of the CPAWM League, The Top Ten will be considerable different than those of current media websites as the base formula is that of the original CP Army Central. Other than that we see a decently impressive week for armies with one army in particular truly above all others.

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