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Top Ten Armies [15/11/20-21/11/20]

KLONDIKE, CPAWL HQ – The eighth edition of CPAWL top tens is out with some new faces! We see shuffling among the ranks again and also another army taking up the first spot. Find out how well the armies have done for last week!


1. Secret Service [39.00]

2. Templars [38.00]

3. Dark Champions [34.40]

4. Most Wanted [28.80]

5. Skateboarders [26.37]

6. Fire Ninjas [20.66]

7. Water Troops [14.33]


Unfortunately, we have not been able to produce bios for this weeks top ten and it is something that we, the administration, apologise for. This was mainly due to the wiping of the event-results channel before the bios were made. It was a mistake, however, no-one can be blamed for it as it is just protocol.

Hopefully, the next top ten will be full of events and will be posted on Sunday.

What do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!


CP Army Warfare League CEO