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Top Ten Armies [12/20/20-12/27/20]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warfare Media Headquarters ─ The 13th edition of CPAWL’s top ten series is out! A lot of ranking changes occurred with this being the last top ten before the new year! Find out what happened HERE.

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The Color Wars: Free For All Tournament

KLONDIKE, CP Army Warfare Media Headquarters – The year 2020 is coming to an end. Though seen as a bad year, in general, the Army Community as a whole was able to prove their might by producing incredibly high maxes. Despite the hardships, a lot of good memories have been made. Adding to these good memories, CPAWL Administration is announcing a Free For All Color Wars Tournament.

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Message To The Community: What You Can Do

Klondike, CP Army Warfare Media We need YOU! Yes, that’s right, you! An army league is nothing without staff, CEOs, armies supporting it and much more and this is why we’re reaching out to all of you. We want you all to play a part in making this league as successful as it can be for you and every army around you. Continue reading

Safety Within the Community

Klondike, CP Army Warfare Media– Over the past few months, we have noticed many hackers harming others in the community. This post will be on how army leaders handle hackers within their army & also we will be going over how to keep yourself safe from these hackers. Continue reading